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HP Inc. presented its new innovation center in Costa Rica

HP Inc. presented its new innovation center in Costa Rica

By the name of “Minnerva”, HP Inc. inaugurated its innovation center in Costa Rica. This site was created to develop creative ideas and promote innovation processes oriented to solve internal necessities of the company, as well as, in a second phase, support the academy’s innovation processes for products and services.

The grand opening event included the participation of Justin Ferrell, an international specialist in the Design Thinking methodology. He works for the Design Institute of the University of Stanford, which is one of the main investigation centers for the innovation.

Ferrel had a workshop with 20 HP Inc.’s professionals, that will conform the team in charge of the Innovation Center.

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, participated in the inauguration event where he assured that: “it is of the highest importance that the country replicates this type of initiatives that enable developing the skills and ideas of the Costa Rican human talent to the maximum, through methodological skills used in the main innovation centers of the world.”

Sergio Barahona, Director of the Services Center of HP Inc, in Costa Rica, expressed his optimism to have this center in HP’s offices.

The name “Minnerva” is due to the goddess of knowledge, arts and the strategy in roman mythology. “Baptizing this Innovation Center with this name, was also an opportunity to settle the innovation process and the technological development from a more inclusive gender perspective, as a way to reaffirm that this center is not limited by male dominance, actually, anyone is able to bring to reality a creative idea”, he said.

HP Inc.’s plan is that, in a near future, organizations and educational institutions may have access to Minnerva to generate innovation processes.