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Hakkoda Costa Rica Inaugurates Center for Cloud Data Technologies and Other Services

Hakkoda Costa Rica Inaugurates Center for Cloud Data Technologies and Other Services

  • The company will be investing US $8 million in 2022 and 2023
  • From Costa Rica the company offers cloud data platforms, data governance, machine learning and app development
San Jose, Costa Rica. March 29, 2022. Today the cloud data migration company Hakkoda inaugurated its Costa Rican offices. The company announced its arrival to the country last October and now has a modern center set up for work and training in cloud data platforms, data governance, machine learning and app development.

The new facilities, located in Ultrapark II, Heredia, represent an investment of US $8 million for the company, which expects to hire 150 skilled employees this year.

Founded in July 2021 in the United States, Hakkoda focuses on helping its customers become data driven organizations. The company’s main goal is to help companies adopt new technologies and methods to accelerate the value of data.

In Costa Rica, Hakkoda has found the right human talent and conditions for its needs: “The impact we have on our clients is based on a passionate, experienced team. Costa Rica is a strategic partner for Hakkoda since it provides skilled talent in the same time zone as our clients in the United States,” affirmed Patrick Buell, VP of Consulting and co-founder.

The company delivers all its services in English for the North American market and hopes to expand its scope during the next three years.

According to Foreign Trade Minister Andrés Valenciano, “Costa Rica is a knowledge-intensive economy and has positioned itself as a technological epicenter in Latin America. Thanks to a solid investment attraction strategy, backed by our value offer, we have been able to strategically partner with world-caliber companies such as Hakkoda. This investment will bring industry 4.0 opportunities, based on industrial process digitization, which contribute to the competitiveness and marketing strategy Costa Rica exports to the world.”

For his part, CINDE Managing Director Jorge Sequeira stated, “We are extremely pleased with Hakkoda’s operational set-up in Costa Rica and what this represents for technology professionals. The company’s arrival reaffirms our country’s commitment to companies specializing in knowledge and technology services. In recent years, software and cloud services have been among the fastest-growing sectors, creating a considerable number of the 27,674 information technology jobs recorded in 2021.”

Hakkoda will be hiring professionals with knowledge of data engineering, analytics, and machine learning. Job openings will be available for both recent university graduates and those with years of experience. Employees will be working with big data in the cloud, data integration, and SQL, Python, or Scala scripting.

Those interested in working with Hakkoda can apply at

About Hakkoda
Launched in September 2021, Hakkoda focuses on helping clients migrate data to the cloud, especially to the Snowflake data cloud. It currently works with clients and companies in the United States and foresees growing to 25 employees in the U.S. and up to 300 in Costa Rica.
Hakkoda was born from a recognition that companies need to adopt new technologies and work in new ways, and that the talent capable of doing it will need a special culture rooted in collaboration and community.