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Gualapack, an Italian Company, Marks 10 Years in Costa Rica and Adds More Processes to its Local Operations

Gualapack, an Italian Company, Marks 10 Years in Costa Rica and Adds More Processes to its Local Operations

  • Machinery manufacturing facilitates new container filling activities, while increasing the company's presence in Latin America.
  •  The facilities located in Cartago were Gualapack's first international location outside its headquarters in Italy.
  • A product manufactured by Gualapack has been awarded in Europe for its stability and safety.
San José, October 25, 2023. Gualapack, a company of Italian origin, produces prefabricated pouches/bags with spouts; they are a key international player in the flexible packaging industry and now celebrate 10 years in Costa Rica.

Gualapack joined the country's light manufacturing industry with a vision to expanding its operations and being closer to the Central American, Caribbean, and South American markets.

After its first decade in Costa Rica, the company has added processes to its developing operations, specifically with the manufacture of machinery to facilitate new product-filling activities, thereby increasing its presence in the Latin American market. It is estimated that, to date, this has involved an initial investment of close to US$300k (three hundred thousand United States dollars).

"We recently decided to consolidate this initiative by creating the Latam Machinery Division (DML). In Costa Rica, we have always had the necessary support to grow and operate adequately. There is a good availability of bilingual human resources, which is also important for us. The [country’s] high educational level has contributed to creating opportunities, such as our recently opened DML," commented Salo Himmelstern, the CEO and General Manager of Gualapack Costa Rica.

Gualapack has strengthened its presence on Costa Rican soil, specifically in Cartago. The company now operates a payroll of around 75 employees.

According to company data, their initial investment in a production plant was around US$5 million, and to date, this amount has doubled to US$10 million invested in infrastructure and technology.

According to Marianela Urgellés, the Managing Director of CINDE, "Gualapack is a success story of a company from a non-traditional market, with regard to foreign investment in Costa Rica. Here, in our country, the company found the conditions required to be a platform for production, export, and access to the Americas. We are also pleased to see how it has added technology, demonstrating the country's capacity to innovate and meet the needs of international industries."

From Costa Rica, they now produce pouches/bags, spouts, and lids for packaging sour cream, purees, and jelly, among other products, under the quality standards of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, BRC, and ISO 50001 certifications that the plant has successfully obtained. The company is committed to sustainability and in recent years, this has represented a significant axis for growth and innovation.

The plant in Costa Rica was Gualapack's first international expansion. The company now maintains a global presence, with factories/headquarters in 10 countries around the world, where it employs about 2,600 workers across all its operations.

According to the company, their operational performance in Costa Rica ranks as one of the best among all the destinations where they are located. Moreover, their Pouch5 product was awarded "Best Packaging" of 2021 in Italy, in the categories of balance and safety.

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