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GSK opens fourth phase of Costa Rica’s Business Service Center

GSK opens fourth phase of Costa Rica’s Business Service Center

• The new area has capacity for 150 people.

November 26th, 2018. The multinational company GSK opened today the fourth phase of its Business Service Center (BSC) at Terra Campus, Tres Ríos, Costa Rica. It plans to hire more than 700 people by the end of 2019 and looks forward to strengthening the variety of shared services offered from Costa Rica to the rest of GSK worldwide.
The BSC, which began its operations in Costa Rica in 2013, has strengthened since then. In the last two years, it created more than 200 new job positions, which noticeably increased from 80 to more than 600 since the beginning.

Throughout these years, the range of services offered from the BSC have reinforced by the country’s political and economic stability and the human talent’s potential.
Costa Rica’s BSC serves countries from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Middle East, as well as the United States, which supports areas such as Finances, Project Management, Accounting, Contract Management, Sales, Human Resources, and IT.

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Dyalá Jiménez Figueres, said: “Thanks to the quality and availability of Costa Rica’s human talent, companies keep trusting in our country to consolidate their business. Today we celebrate GSK’s BSC expansion. It’s a company with whom we have built up a strategic relationship in the last 5 years. These announcements fill the Central Government with joy and challenge us to guarantee and improve the conditions to keep making Costa Rica a reference in FDI. Congratulations and the best success in this new phase.”

“The success of this operation is due to a highly qualified skilled workforce and a positive business climate promoted by the Government. GSK’s new step is a clear reflection of the dynamism reached by the companies of the services sector in Costa Rica. Our company invested near US$2 million in this expansion and we have a clear vision of our future, especially by the country’s business climate,” affirmed Aldo Di Luca, GSK’s BSC Head.

CINDE’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Luis Gamboa, said: “In Costa Rica, multinational companies’ reinvestments represent almost 80% of the Foreign Direct Investment that the country registers annually. GSK opened today the fourth phase of its BSC in Costa Rica, which demonstrates the consolidation of its business in our country and the consequent positive impact that this company has on an employment highly qualified and well paid. We are so pleased that a prestigious company like GSK sees in Costa Rica a strategic ally to consolidate its business.”

Talent that builds up success
Today, 98% of the human talent that works in GSK’s operation is Costa Rican; 88% has a degree from the University and 12% a technical degree; 48% of its employees are women and 52% men, which demonstrates GSK’s commitment towards diversity and inclusion.

The new facility has wide space, incredible views, and large parking spaces so all the staff is in a comfortable and modern area that creates collaborative spaces.
GSK became part of the Free Zone regime since 2015. It has had a positive impact in the costs and operations, especially for BSC’s expansion.

The BSC has academic collaboration with CENFOTEC, Georgia Tech and Texas Tech University. Also, a percentage of the operation's budget is dedicated to initiatives with the community led by its collaborators.

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About GSK
GSK is one of the largest pharmaceuticals and health care research companies in the world. It is committed to improving the quality of human life by helping people to do more, feel better and live longer.

According to the classification of Forbes magazine for 2014, the British firm GSK is the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

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