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GFT Technologies celebrates 10 years in Costa Rica and plans to create 150 additional jobs within the next 3 years

GFT Technologies celebrates 10 years in Costa Rica and plans to create 150 additional jobs within the next 3 years

San José, November 13th, 2023 German-based global digital transformation pioneer GFT Technologies celebrates 10 years since its arrival in Costa Rica. Given the positive results obtained in this period, the company foresees significant growth in its operations. The company focuses on transforming digital businesses in a personalized way, for various industries and sectors, either with migration to the Cloud or with solutions such as Nearshore and Thought Machine.

Fabián Salazar, CEO of GFT Costa Rica, explained that the company is focused on continuing to develop its products and services to meet the needs of its local and international clients, and to do so, its talent pool is essential. “The prospects, after a decade of successful projects on Costa Rican soil, are based on ongoing projects and businesses. At this moment we have a team of 180 specialists and we are convinced that we can generate enough business to create 150 additional jobs in Costa Rica within the next few years”, he highlighted.

The CEO stated that in the last four years alone, they have obtained significant growth in their income, reaching an increase of 30% and they continue to see the country as one of the main technological hubs on the American continent.

“With its operation in Costa Rica, GFT has strengthened its service to clients from different latitudes thanks to Costa Rican talent that recognizes the value of technology and innovation. Currently, in our country, around 113 thousand people have found quality employment in knowledge-based service companies. GFT collaborators are precisely an example of that talent that makes this important sector grow every day,” highlighted Marianela Urgellés, general director of CINDE.
Outstanding global trajectory toward regional market
The multinational highlighted that its experience in the Cloud meant that the company entertained a very close partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) – one of the largest Cloud computing services platforms in the world. But the solutions available in Costa Rica accompany GFT's portfolio globally, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industry 4.0, among others.

A decade of opportunities
With remote work and learning offers, GFT generated job and growth opportunities for a large group of professionals in Costa Rica in information technologies (IT) and related areas. Working with renowned clients is one of the company's advantages in the country, offering specialized equipment for the United States, Canada, and Latin American countries.
As Fabián Salazar explains, the quality of GFT specialists is recognized worldwide, so the strategy to continue with the digital transformation of business and the labor aspect also has some highlights:

- First job programs;
- Continuing education offer;
- Favorable working conditions (teleworking);
- Contact and exchanges with IT specialists from the GFT global network, among others.
Whether for GFT employees or the company's clients, Costa Rica is positioned as an important player in the continent's technological environment, being among the ten most innovative countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (the first in Central America), according to the Global Innovation Index 2023. The capital San José, in turn, will be one of the five most important hubs for IT and software development by 2025, according to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

“GFT Costa Rica is undoubtedly a strategic country for the GFT Group to continue offering quality Nearshore services to countries such as Canada, the United States and the Spanish-speaking region. Our more than ten years working on highly complex projects, with international and local clients, provide a mix of high knowledge, in which we are 100% ready to continue collaborating on the different needs that our current and future clients may have", concluded Salazar.

This press release is also available for download via GFT Newsroom.

About GFT – Shaping the future of digital business 
GFT is a digital transformation pioneer. By leveraging next-generation technologies, we enable clients to boost their productivity with intelligent software solutions. We focus on Digital Finance, Enterprise AI & Data Solutions, and Platform Modernisation. 
GFT's strengths include deep technological excellence, a strong ecosystem of partners, and industry expertise. We are agile@scale and boost digital transformation for clients from the finance and insurance sectors, as well as the manufacturing industry. GFT talents create, implement, and manage software applications to enable innovative businesses while complying with regulations. 
With locations in more than 15 markets around the globe, GFT ensures proximity to its clients. We draw on over 35 years of experience and a global team of over 10,000 determined talents. GFT provides them with career opportunities in the most innovative areas of software engineering. The GFT Technologies SE share is listed in the SDAX index of the German Stock Exchange (ticker: GFT-XE).

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