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GFT inaugurates new operation in Costa Rica and opens its doors to IT professionals

GFT inaugurates new operation in Costa Rica and opens its doors to IT professionals

• Started operating in the country in 2013. They expect to hire 80 people in the upcoming months.
• The company is headquartered in Germany and has presence in 12 countries.

San Jose, October 31st, 2016. The multinational company GFT inaugurated its new facilities, located in Ultrapark 1, in Heredia, Costa Rica, and announced the recruitment of more employees for its operations. The high educational and professional level found in the country, as well as its social and economic dynamics, was what motivated GFT Technologies to invest and locate in Costa Rica.

Headquartered in Germany, the company has over 4,500 employees worldwide, and has a presence in 12 countries, including Costa Rica.

GFT provides support to financial organizations, specializing in digital transformation. One of the elements considered to open an operation in the country is that the national talent enables GFT to provide services to the US and Central American markets.

Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría, Vice-president of Costa Rica, said "we are proud that the decision to establish in our country is based on the great human talent that characterizes us. With this, we demonstrated again that we must continue to invest in human capital, in the development of skills and talents of our people; in education, training and welfare. We continue to work with optimism, to maintain the companies´ confidence to invest in our country. We are very pleased with the opening of GFT and we hope to be an ally of growth”.

"The services sector has become one of the pillars and enablers of the Costa Rican economy. Furthermore, in recent years, as a result of technological advances and innovation, this sector has accelerated its transformation into increasingly complex and higher added value activities. In our free zone regime, for example, 59% of exports generated are value-added thanks to the contribution of this sector. That is why as a country we are proud that GFT finds the appropriate human conditions, infrastructure and stability climate in Costa Rica to provide increasingly sophisticated global services. From the Central Government, we congratulate the company and reiterate our willingness to work to support them and create the right conditions for its rooting and growth on the country“ added Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade.

"The main objective of GFT Costa Rica is to transform our customers´ business, in order to respond to the constant regulatory changes, and innovate to meet the demands of the digital revolution," said Rubem Swensson, Country Manager of GFT Costa Rica.

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, mentioned: "Costa Rica exports more than 70 types of services in about 10 languages worldwide, mainly in English. GFT recognizes the quality of the Costa Rican human talent to continue investing in the country, all for the benefit of the same population that will have more quality and well paid job opportunities."

According to Swensson, one of the objectives of the company is to support the country's economic growth and employment solutions, so they expect to grow to 120 employees between now and the end of the year.

Some of the job openings are: Developers (C ++, Java, HTML5, AngularJS, PL/SQL iOS, Android), Business Analysts, Project Managers / Scrum Masters, Technical Leads (Java, HTML5, Angle, PL/SQL, iOS and Android ), UX / UI JavaScript Developers, Application Support Specialists, QA Engineers. Those interested in applying to one of the positions may access de address, or through the Facebook page GFT Costa Rica (GFT.crc).

About GFT
GFT Technologies (GFT) is a business and technology consulting firm trusted by leading financial institutions worldwide to solve their business challenges. GFT provides answers to the constant current regulatory change and continually innovates to meet the demands of the digital revolution. GFT combines counseling, creativity and technology innovation and expertise in the financial sector to transform your customers' businesses.

Thanks to the innovation platform CODE_n, GFT connects startups, technology pioneers and consolidated into a global network companies, allowing you to explore the disruptive trends in the financial sector and maximize the innovative spirit of the participants.

Based in Germany, GFT earned consolidated revenues of about € 374 million in 2015. It operates in 12 countries and has a global team of over 4,500 employees. Its shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the TecDAX. (

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