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Getinge Group inaugurates Shared Services Center to serve clients in USA and Canada

Getinge Group inaugurates Shared Services Center to serve clients in USA and Canada

  • Getinge Group is a global medical devices company that chose to establish in Costa Rica for the quality of its human talent.
San Jose, July 21st 2016. Getinge Group announced the establishment of its new Shared Services Center (SSC) in Costa Rica. The new office, located in Avenida Escazu, employs 59 associates who provide services to partners and customers in United States and Canada.

The services provided are in Finance and Accounting, with the possibility of expanding into other areas such as Human Resources. Getinge Group stated they will grow, in the mid-term, to approximately 140 employees, which demonstrates their commitment to the local operation and their long-term plans in Costa Rica.

Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade, mentioned "It is a real honor to add Getinge Group to the group of prestigious multinational companies that provide services to their corporate units located around the world, out of Costa Rica. Beyond their confidence in the capabilities offered by our country, they are creating new job opportunities for our people and in that way they are contributing to our accomplishing the ambitious development goals that we have set for the coutry. We welcome them sincerely to our small but great nation".

"The passion of Getinge Group to save lives through innovation and technology got my interest from the first day. Our current focus is to stabilize the migration process and gain the experience that is needed to add value to the company. Also, we want to position Getinge Group as a great place to work in Costa Rica, "said Alejandro Sibaja, Director of Americas SSC.
Getinge Group has another shared services center located in Krakow, Poland, offering services to Europe and has been running for over a year. Shared services centers are a key factor in Getinge Group's strategy to make the company more efficient.

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, added "multinational companies such as Getinge Group recognize exceptional skills in the Costa Rican human talent that will help growing their business. Only last year, 23 investment projects in the services sector came to Costa Rica, generating direct employment to 5,000 people. To date, the sector is exporting more than 70 kinds of services to the world in 10 languages."

Those interested in a job opportunity in Getinge Group Americas SSC can send their resume to the email address:

About Getinge Group

Getinge Group is a leading global provider of products and systems that help improve the quality and cost efficiency within the health and life sciences. The objective is to be the most desired medical technology company in the world.

Getinge's offer is primarily aimed at health service providers and patients. The proposal for hospitals is divided into three areas: enable, treat and care. This allows Getinge to identify customer problems at an early stage, to promote clinical and economic benefits, and support its customers in the decision-making process.

Getinge Group operates under three product brands: ArjoHuntleigh, Getinge and Maquet. Getinge Group currently generates annual sales of more than US$3.5 billion and conducts sales through owned companies worldwide. Its production is carried out in facilities in Brazil, France, Canada, China, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and the US. In total, the Group has more than 15,000 employees in 40 countries. The US and Canada are the largest region corresponding to 37% of sales, followed closely by Western Europe with 35% and the rest of the world with 28%. 84% of sales are to hospitals, elderly care accounts for 8% of sales and industry life sciences 8% of sales.

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