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GEP Tech Company Announces its Growth in Costa Rica and Expects to Hire 200 More People in the Next Two Years

GEP Tech Company Announces its Growth in Costa Rica and Expects to Hire 200 More People in the Next Two Years

  • In Costa Rica, GEP has a multilingual BPO operation specializing in procurement for U.S., Canadian, and several regional Latin American markets.
  • GEP arrived in Costa Rica in 2015 and now has 300 employees.
  • The Costa Rican service sector was estimated to employ some 11,000 people in 2022.
March 13, 2022. The U.S. company GEP has announced its growth in Costa Rica with the expected hiring of 200 new employees in 2023 and 2024.

GEP specializes in procurement and sourcing, providing software services including spend analysis, strategic procurement support, final spend and category management, procurement outsourcing, and one of the industry’s leading digital procurement platforms. The company arrived in 2015 to set up a multilingual service center on Costa Rican soil that to date boasts 300 employees.

“Our goal is to take advantage of Costa Rican talent and its experience to build a solid, innovative, and dynamic team that can provide best-of-class supply chain and procurement solutions to our global customers. We are excited about our growth potential and development in Costa Rica and hope to explore new channels of collaboration and association with the local business community,” said José Roberto Pérez, Operations VP for GEP Latin America.

The Costa Rican expansion is part of GEP’s global growth strategy and commitment to the region.

According to Foreign Trade Minister Manuel Tovar, “GEP’s reinvestment in Costa Rica is one more example of our country’s reliability and attractiveness as a foreign investment destination. We greatly appreciate the company’s confidence in us and are committed to providing it with a stable and competitive business environment. Together we are building a prosperous future for Costa Rica and the companies that decide to invest in our country.”

CINDE Director of Investment Advisory Pilar Madrigal explained: "GEP is a leading software strategy provider that offers services to global companies belonging to the Fortune 500 and Global 2000. We are proud to know how the company sees Costa Rica as a partner to strengthen its global and regional operations, supporting clients in countries such as the United States, Canada, and Brazil.
GEP's growth will continue to contribute to the dynamism of highly trained and multilingual personnel working in globally recognized companies. We can report that in the last year alone, the
sector services created more than 11,000 jobs, who today support Costa Rica's insertion into the knowledge economy."

Talent Search

GEP is located in Lindora Park, in Santa Ana. The company is looking for professionals to cover operations in procurement, strategic sourcing, supply chain, and technology services.

Entry-level jobs require multilingual skills in English and/or Portuguese as well as experience in business, engineering, or a similar field. Middle- and higher-level positions require procurement professionals with multilingual abilities and skills in such areas as negotiation, data analytics, effective senior management communication, and complex sourcing project management.

Those interested may apply through the website or the company’s official LinkedIn page.

About GEP
A leader in sourcing and supply chain technology, GEP helps Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies manage and optimize their supply chains. With offices around the world, including its headquarters in Clark, New Jersey, GEP offers a complete suite of sourcing software, consulting, and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. For more information, visit