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GEP Costa Rica to Employ 50 More Hires at Services Center

GEP Costa Rica to Employ 50 More Hires at Services Center

San José, Costa Rica. October 20, 2020. GEP, a multinational services sector company located in Lindora Park, recently announced that it will welcome 50 additional hires to its services center in Costa Rica. Despite the pandemic’s international impact, the company’s announcement demonstrates its vote of confidence in its Costa Rican operations, thus allowing for this increase in staff.

Among the job opportunities open for recruitment, some positions require no prior experience and will develop functions in the areas of purchasing, provisioning, and supply chain. The company will also hire administrative and operational positions.

Interested personnel must be bilingual (English / Spanish), as they will serve the US market. For some of the positions, Portuguese (as a third language) is also required.

Duayner Salas, Acting Minister of Foreign Trade, commented, “FDI contributes to the creation of employment and the development of Costa Rican human capital, even in the current situation of change we are facing. For this reason, the growth of GEP in Costa Rica motivates us to continue improving our investment climate, to pursue productivity, and to become home to more multinational companies.”

Diana Restrepo, Associate Director of GEP, added, “Costa Rica has acted as a strategic country partner in GEP’s growth due to multiple factors, among them an excellent education and the development of skills for the professionals who carry out roles in areas related to supply chains; this skilled workforce is key to providing high-quality services and to delighting our clients. Additionally, the country enjoys a privileged position within the Americas, which allows Costa Rica to adapt to the various North and South American time zones, with minimal variations. It’s also worth mentioning that, at the levels of infrastructure and technology, Costa Rica is ever-evolving, providing great stability for the growth of large companies.”

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, continued, “Services sector companies are a recurring source of employment for the young professionals who graduate from our public and private universities. The average age of workers in this sector is 30 years old and it is estimated that 85% are graduates of public schools. GEP shows us that, thanks to the quality of this human talent, companies can trust in Costa Rica as they develop their business strategy.”

Candidates interested in applying for a job at GEP can do so directly at, in the Careers section. Or, enter the GEPCRjobs portal to view available positions.

With these new hires, the company will reach a total of 175 people in Costa Rica. GEP expects to continue its local growth throughout 2021.

About GEP

GEP Worldwide is a North American multinational company founded in 1999 and headquartered in Clark, NJ, USA. We have 21 locations (5 Delivery Centers and 16 offices) on 5 continents. In Latin America, we have locations in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil. Our workforce numbers over 3,500 employees around the world, serving in 23 different languages.

In Costa Rica, our Delivery Center, which is located in Lindora Park in Santa Ana, serves the Americas in 4 different languages: French (Canada), English (USA), Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish. Additionally, we are certified as a Great Place to Work. We serve more than 450 clients around the world, the majority of whom are members of the Fortune 500 and Global 2000. We are present in more than 30 industries and on the world’s largest stock exchanges.