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Fiserv to add 400 new jobs in Costa Rica in the next two years

Fiserv to add 400 new jobs in Costa Rica in the next two years

The company is opening a new facility in Tres Ríos and requires additional talent.

Company stands out as the largest technology and innovation provider at a global scale for the financial service industry.

San José, August 11, 2015. Seeking to strengthen and expand its local operations, Fiserv Costa Rica, a developer of innovative software and solutions for the financial services industry, will open new jobs for bilingual professionals and technicians in the IT and Finance areas.

In October and November 2015, the company plans to hire 50 professionals and will continue to grow over the following two years until reaching its goal of 400 new hires.

“In the last 3 years, we have doubled our workforce, from 250 to over 500 employees to date, and we aim to double that number again over the next 3 years”, commented Francisco Alba, Country Director, Fiserv Costa Rica.

The company's growth rate is driven by its success at meeting customer expectations all over the world, and these results translate today into yet another opportunity for our country, thus attesting, once again, to the quality of our national talent and the breadth of opportunities it is able to generate for professionals in this area.

“For Fiserv Costa Rica, this growth not only means creating high-quality jobs, but also the enabling more Costa Ricans to build a successful career path”, added Alba.

Expansion and Projection

In September 2015, Fiserv Costa Rica will reinforce its current local presence with its new Terra Campus site in Tres Ríos, which is expected to host over 120 employees.

To apply for a job online at Fiserv, please visit, where you may also learn more about these and other opportunities available at both of its Costa Rican sites. In addition, Fiserv, in the next few weeks, will also reach out to several public and private universities in the country in hopes to capture as many applications as possible.

About Fiserv

Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV) is the leading global provider of information management and electronic commerce solutions for the financial services industry, delivering technology and integrated services which generate world class value and results for its clients. Fiserv drives innovation that transforms experiences for over 14,500 clients around the world.

The company employs 21,000 associates worldwide and provides services to clients in 80 countries, including large and mid-sized banks, credit unions, savings and loans, investment management companies, leasing and financing companies, retailers, merchants and government agencies.

Fiserv operates in Costa Rica since January 2004 and provides employment to over 500 people. In the next 24 months, Fiserv is expected to continue expanding its operations in the country.
Fiserv Costa Rica is part of the Global Services division and focuses on the development and support of software products, professional services and financial services.