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Findasense Consolidates it´s Digital Services Operations in Costa Rica

Findasense Consolidates it´s Digital Services Operations in Costa Rica

• Thanks to the growth of its operations, the company continues to hire web and applications developers, data analysts, statistics, communication and finance professional, digital planners, advertisers and marketers.

San José, October 23rd, 2017. Integrated into the digital services sub-sector in 2013, the company of Spanish origin, Findasense, continues to consolidate its operations in Costa Rica. Nowadays, the digital agency has invested in the country about US$15 million and continues its growth process.

Findasense arrived in Costa Rica thanks to its social and economic stability and its strategic location, which has enabled the company to serve its clients satisfactorily.

However, the main factor that has managed to consolidate its growth is the quality of the specialized workforce, that enables the company to form bilingual, professional and highly creative work teams.

Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade, said: "In the globalization context, Costa Rica has chosen to accelerate the march and consolidate itself as a society and economy based on knowledge. A broad and dynamic set of public policies in many different fields sustain this component of our development model. The formation of our human resource and the construction of physical and digital infrastructure are within the set of elements that we prioritize. It is in this context that Findasense finds in Costa Rica the right conditions to grow and diversify its complex and innovative digital services."

Jorge Delgado, Country Manager of Findasense, said: "Costa Rica is a small country in extension but very large in terms of attracting investors and developing human resources. The investment climate is very open and that allows us to create business more easily. Regarding the development of human resources, Costa Rica has allowed us to find professionals who can adapt to work with different markets, thanks to its proven track record in the services sector."

Jorge Sequeira, Director General of CINDE commented, "By the end of 2016, several multinational companies attracted by CINDE were exporting digital services from Costa Rica. The creativity provided by Costa Rican human talent allows companies like Findasense to consolidate their operations in the country. "

The growth of Findasense in the country continues, in addition to the 50 current employees, the company will hire 20 employees more in areas such as: web development, applications, data, statistics, communication, finance, digital planners, advertisers and marketers.

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