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Emerson celebrates ten years of development of cutting-edge automation and engineering solutions in Costa Rica

Emerson celebrates ten years of development of cutting-edge automation and engineering solutions in Costa Rica

• The company, which started operations in 2008 with 28 people, today has more than 700 employees.

San José, March 8, 2018. The multinational company Emerson, founded in 1890, celebrated its tenth anniversary of strategic presence in Costa Rica, time in which it has managed to significantly increase its workforce and diversify its operations. During the commemorative activity with its collaborators, the Vice President of the Republic, Ana Helena Chacón and senior executives of the company were also part of the event.

Emerson Solutions Center of Costa Rica started with an engineering center and today has managed to diversify support areas for projects and services in the field, support for engineering and product design as well as shared services for finance, information technologies, marketing, order management, customer service and human resources, with global coverage.

The Vice President of the Republic, Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría, commented that "we celebrated with Emerson these ten years in our country. We are pleased with the trust they have given us and, in addition, that they increase their payroll, validate human talent and the efforts we make to promote it. Costa Rica has known how to invest in social development and this implies strengthening existing capacities, creating others and providing adequate opportunities, in conditions of equality ".

Alex Russell, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emerson Solutions Center Costa Rica and CFO of Emerson for the Americas, commented: "It is a site that achieves a great variety of profiles operating under the same roof, allowing an important connection of our operational tasks with the daily activities of our clients. This combination of activities and specializations make the Costa Rica office a strategic point to provide international support while showing a great versatility of human talent".

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Alexander Mora, pointed out that: "Emerson has proven to be a company with strong roots in Costa Rica, which for ten years has grown steadily and sustained. As a Government, we are pleased to see that an operation that began in 2008 with 28 workers, today has become the home of more than 700 Costa Ricans. The establishment of companies like Emerson, have been fundamental for the economy of our country, not only in what refers to diversification of the export offer, but also to the sophistication of the services we offer to the world. As a result, the services sector has consolidated as an engine of the economy, with close to 150 leading multinational companies, which carry out over 70 different production processes with high added value and sophistication. Although the results have been good, we cannot forget that the current global economic context is imbued with challenges. We must redouble our efforts so that Costa Rica continues to be a competitive destination for the attraction and retention of quality investment, and this is the responsibility of many, starting with us in the Executive Power, and continuing through the rest of the Costa Rican State. "

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, commented: "The growth of Emerson in Costa Rica has allowed many Costa Ricans today to work in a company of great international renown. Only at the end of 2017, CINDE reported the generation of 13,754 jobs, which represented an increase of 10.52% compared to 2016. Emerson has been a key player in the country to continue generating more opportunities for Costa Ricans and we hope that it will continue to evolve to new business areas that generate even more quality jobs. "

Elkin Suarez, General Manager of Emerson Solutiuons Center in Costa Rica, affirmed that "the growing demand for services from Costa Rica reaffirms our commitment to provide advanced automation solutions and to continue offering the best service to our customers from Costa Rica. "

Country Brand Certification
On July 23, Emerson received the Country Brand Essential Costa Rica certification, thanks to the fact that they share the values of: Innovation, Excellence, Sustainability, Social Progress and Origin.

"This distinction makes us proud because it reflects the connection between the principles of Emerson worldwide and what Costa Rica offers as a country. With this certification, Emerson will continue to promote essential elements of Costa Rica internationally through the services offered by the company with local talent, "says Rocío Quesada, Human Resources Manager. In addition, added Quesada, "the growth in the country continues and there are currently open recruitment processes: continuous growth forces us to seek the best talent and we are currently looking for personnel in all areas of the company which we recruit through from under the Careers option ".

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