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Eaton Manufacturing Facility in Costa Rica was Recognized as World Class

Eaton Manufacturing Facility in Costa Rica was Recognized as World Class

  • Employee’s engagement and continuous improvement through investments made in recent years contributed to their performance.
Eaton manufacturing facility located in Moravia, Costa Rica was recognized with the "World Class" category, standing out among 41 plants of the Electricity Sector that the company owns in the Americas.

Being named World-Class by the Corporation, requires exemplary performance for each of Eaton’s High 5 metrics, which include safety, quality, on-time delivery, inventory, and flex productivity. 

The engagement of their more than 150 employees demonstrating continuous improvement, with the planning of long-term strategies to serve the markets of Central America and the Caribbean, -even during a global and regional economic context such as the one that began two years ago and continues -, makes this recognition a milestone for the operation in Costa Rica, said Mr. Juan José Ugalde, Eaton's Business Unit Manager for Central America.

“For Eaton Central America is a pride to receive this recognition, which distinguishes us as one of the 4 sites in all of America, and 2 in Latin America, with this classification, which implies indexes of excellence in safety, environment, quality, inventory management and productivity. It´s a proof of the high standards of our plant operates as part of the commitment to our corporate vision of improving the quality of life and the environment using energy management technologies and services,” said Ugalde.

The recognition also strengthens the trust that the Corporation has in Costa Rica, to develop and expand qualified operations, through a highly human resource, in a socially and economically stable country, with sustainability objectives consistent with those of the company globally, he assured. 

This distinction is added to the "Zero Waste to Landfill" certification, (zero waste to the dump) that achieved in 2016, becoming at the time the first in Latin America of the Eaton Electric Sector to obtain this accreditation.

The company has invested more than $5 million in the last four years,  to strengthen their manufacturing facility, as part of their calling for continuous improvement, their leadership and innovation through industry 4.0 technologies, as a catalyst for growth and to continue making a difference in the quality of life of consumers, through their energy management solutions.

Eaton produces in Costa Rica, a wide variety of products safely and with the highest quality to serve four major market segments: Residential (load centers, meter bases, pass boxes, telephone boxes, breaker boxes, among others), Commercial Construction (switchboards, low-voltage substations, manual and automatic transfers, air ducts and accessories, measurement towers), Industrial (starters, capacitor banks, control panels), Heavy Construction (custom-made products for specific applications).