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DiDi Selects Costa Rica for an Emergency Support Center That Will Assist Users in Eight Countries

DiDi Selects Costa Rica for an Emergency Support Center That Will Assist Users in Eight Countries

  • The company's investment will reach $2.2 million and will address reports from users in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. 
  • The support center will employ 87 people and expects to see 30% job growth by 2023. 
San José, July 14, 2022. DiDi, the world's largest mobile transportation platform, has selected Costa Rica as the site for its Emergency Support Center, which will handle reports originating from eight countries throughout Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

The company’s Emergency Support Center extends to an investment of $2.2 million over the next two years. This decision marks Costa Rica as the second country (along with Mexico) to host a center of this type, which provides assistance for incident reports involving drivers, delivery drivers, and riders/users.

“At DiDi, we continue to renew our commitment to and our confidence in Costa Rica, as we have from the beginning. We recognize the human talent that exists in this country, the economic and social stability, as well as the connectivity and technological talent that we find here,” commented Jorge Ordóñez, DiDi Regional Director for Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, and Ecuador. 

Costa Rica will provide attention and support through messages and calls from reports registered in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. Costa Rican operations will provide service to Didi’s various products in the region, including DiDi Moto, DiDi Taxi, and DiDi Food.

The emergency monitoring center is operated by tiLatina, a company comprised of experts in the areas of technology and security, and whose purpose it is to promote technology as an essential complement to developing comprehensive security solutions in Latin America. It currently has operations in Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala and, since 2020, Costa Rica. 

“DiDi's operation, through this Emergency Support Center, continues to strengthen Costa Rica’s position as a hub for service centers, while the company opens development opportunities for various segments of the population. The services sector is the most dynamic in terms of job creation, with more than 100,000 jobs by the close of last year, knowledge-based services exports of $6.412 billion at the end of 2021, and an average annual growth of 18%,” said Diana Salazar, CINDE's Deputy Managing Director.

Safety is DiDi’s priority in all countries and cities where the company operates. This type of investment, paired with more than 20 security assistance features available in the app, seeks to minimize risk, via technology, for the DiDi community.
“99.99% of trips connected through the platform end without incident. However, it is vital to develop ever-more innovative ways and refined processes, so that those who benefit from connecting through DiDi can do so in an increasingly secure way,” finished Ordónez.

Human Talent: Inclusion and Diversity
Talent selection extends to the transversal axes of inclusion and diversity. Today, 55% of the Support Center’s payroll is comprised of women; 30% of contracts are people with motor disabilities; and employees range in age from 18 to those close to retirement.

So far, 87 people have been hired for positions that include incident response agents, specialized agents, and supervisors. It is projected that by 2023, hiring will increase by 30%.

Interested parties may send their résumé via email to The company seeks professionals with knowledge of computing packages and, preferably, with a command of either English or Portuguese. 

How Does the Emergency Support Center Operate?
This emergency center provides assistance and support to drivers, delivery drivers, and users/riders, with response times that range from seconds to a few minutes, depending on the severity of the situation. Reports can be created automatically, thanks to technology such as real-time monitoring, in case patterns or anomalies are detected during a trip.
They can also occur through user interaction, through the application, through the Help section, or via the Emergency Button. 

DiDi has operated in Costa Rica since November 2019, while DiDi Food began receiving orders in August 2021.

About DiDi
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