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Data Engineering Consulting Firm Hakkoda Celebrates One Year of Costa Rican Operations

Data Engineering Consulting Firm Hakkoda Celebrates One Year of Costa Rican Operations

Heredia, Costa Rica. September 2022. The North American startup Hakkoda celebrates its first anniversary and the company’s choice of Costa Rica for its main center of operations. This anniversary is marked by significant achievements, thanks to Costa Rican talent and the creation of an alliance with Snowflake, a global company that provides cloud data services.  
In September 2021, Hakkoda arrived in Costa Rica with a consulting proposal 100% focused on data analysis and engineering. The company’s objective is to make it easier for clients to leverage data and improve infrastructure, business intelligence and reports, among others, for North American clients. 
The company’s growth led to Snowflake naming Hakkoda as the Americas Emerging Partner of the Year, and the company’s ascension to Elite partner. This second achievement was due to the number of people certified as SnowPro and the number of clients served. 
“We have had an incredible year, due in no small part to our ability to hire and deeply develop data skills in Costa Rica. We have a lot of market momentum and look forward to continuing to drive data innovation and an amazing company culture,” commented Erik Duffield, CEO and founder of Hakkoda. 
The company opted to rely on Costa Rican talent, thanks to the country’s reputation for quality and the workforce’s strong command of the English language. To date, 35% of Hakkoda's workforce is comprised of women working in the area of data engineering; they hope to increase women’s participation in this field.   
Pilar Madrigal, Investment Director at CINDE, stated: “We congratulate Hakkoda not only for their growth, but also on their Elite partner recognition, bestowed by cloud data service provider Snowflake. This achievement underscores the reasons why Hakkoda chose Costa Rica to establish its primary operations center, where, thanks to Costa Rican talent, in a short time, they will reach these milestones within the digital technologies subsector. According to the International Monetary Fund, Costa Rica is the #1 country in digital skills – this, thanks to our capacity for innovation and the quality with which services are delivered.” 
“Being named as the Americas Emerging Partner of the Year puts Costa Rica on the international radar. It demonstrates to the world the quality of engineers and analysts who are trained in the country, with a mindset of innovation and transformation, ready for the international stage,” commented Allan Alfaro, Site Delivery Lead for Costa Rica. 
Hakkoda will continue relying on Costa Rica for its growth and, thereby, will help make the country an international benchmark for highly qualified professionals in data science.  
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About Hakkoda
Launched in September 2021, Hakkoda is a service-focused company created to help customers move data to the cloud – in particular, the Snowflake data cloud. They currently work with clients and companies in the United States. Hakkoda was founded to help companies embrace new technologies and work in new ways, with recognition that the talent capable of this change requires a special culture rooted in collaboration and community.