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CRx Life Sciences arrives to Costa Rica

CRx Life Sciences arrives to Costa Rica

  • The company is a pioneer in specialized engineering and consulting services for the life sciences industry.
  • In its first phase, the company will employ 20 engineers with experience in medical devices, Six-Sigma methodologies, and tools, problem-solving, statistics and validations (process/design), among others.
  • The company made an initial investment of US$250,000 that could triple in the coming years.

Alajuela, Costa Rica. December 4th, 2019.
The engineering and consulting services company, CRx Life Sciences, announced its arrival in Costa Rica with the objective of providing specialized services to multinational companies in the life sciences sector.

The company offers services to medical devices manufacturers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

The company established its operations in Coyol Free Zone, in Alajuela, where many of the leading medical sector companies manufacture and export medical devices worldwide.

“Costa Rica is a leading destination in attracting investment in the life sciences sector, which has grown 11% between 2015 and 2018. The inauguration of CRx Life Sciences is a reflection of the effort we make to attract quality companies, in a highly dynamic and growing sector, where competitive, innovative and, of course, high value-added opportunities are created”, said the Vice-minister of Foreign Trade, Duayner Salas.

Randy Smith, President and CEO of CRx Life Sciences, mentioned: “As we explore possibilities to expand our company's presence in international markets, increasing our knowledge base and improving our competitive advantage, we quickly realized that the key to that success would be finding a country with highly educated, energetic and motivated human talent, with knowledge of the industries we serve.

We found in Costa Rica the country that has become our strategic partner from a business perspective, with the support of the Costa Rican government and CINDE, and with the human talent we were looking for. The knowledge and skills of the Costa Rican workforce have exceeded our expectations and created global synergy accelerating our expansion and customer service objectives. We are honored to have a company based in Costa Rica and we welcome this business relationship”.

Jorge Sequeira Picado, Managing Director of CINDE, commented: “Attracted by the robust and consolidated life sciences sector ecosystem in Costa Rica, CRx Life Sciences installed this operation to provide high value-added services to other companies in the sector, one of the country´s most dynamic in terms of exports. The productivity of this sector, measured by exports per capita, reached US$124,000 in 2018, which represented a growth of 62% compared to 1999. This company will undoubtedly be a great ally for the more than 70 life sciences companies in the country".

In 2018, multinational companies in the life sciences sector exported US$3,300 million in medical devices from Costa Rica. Precisely, CRx Life Sciences hopes to provide greater dynamism, for the improvement, design, and transfer of processes and products for these companies that made medical devices the main industrial export good in the country.

Those interested in applying for a position in the company can send their CV to the address and visit their LinkedIn page