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Costa Rica to host tourism development, model in sustainability, that will generate 4000 jobs

Costa Rica to host tourism development, model in sustainability, that will generate 4000 jobs

• Global company Discovery will invest ¢224 thousand million, construction will begin in 2018

Project will benefit Guanacaste's development and will generate 2,000 new jobs in its construction phase and 4,000 direct and indirect jobs in full operation.

Respect for the environment, community development, commitment to the use of clean energies and linkages with local suppliers and productive sectors are fundamental components of this development.

Discovery Costa Rica captures the essence that makes Costa Rica a world class investment destination.

San José, Costa Rica, April 18, 2017. Costa Rica will host a tourism development that is a world model in sustainability, coexistence with the environment, community development, commitment to clean energies, linkages with local suppliers, productive sectors and of multiple experiences of the essence and nature of the country that drives the global brand Discovery.

The project that will generate 2,000 jobs in its construction phase and 4,000 direct and indirect jobs in Guanacaste when fully operational. Discovery Costa Rica was officially presented today by the President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, the Vice President, Ana Helena Chacón, and the company of investors in the Foyer of the National Theater.

The tourism project that will join "Discovery Destinations" is designed under the principles of conservation and Costa Rica’s DNA.

Sun Latin America, Costa Rican developer associated with Discovery Communications will make an initial capital investment of US $ 400 million (¢ 224 thousand million), one of the highest figures registered in the tourism sector in the last ten years. The project is expected to start construction in 2018 and be operational by 2020.

"Thinking about the great Costa Rica, the one that undertakes projects for the well-being of its people and promotes communities, is an exercise that must commit us to seeking investments and developing initiatives that are fully committed to our vision of sustainable development, employment generation and productive linkages that consolidate our country as a destination that maintains biodiversity balance, promotes renewable energies and environmental respect with a long-term vision, "said President Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera .

Discovery unites its brand with that of Costa Rica, a consolidated tourism and investment destination with global prestige, result of a joint effort and coordination between national institutions and investors.

"This alliance that has been forged between Sun Ranch and Discovery will translate into a better quality of life for Guanacaste and Costa Rica. We must continue to improve competitiveness, linkages, human capital training and multilingualism. It is important to emphasize that in this articulation the investors had the commitment to make the necessary improvements so that the project advances in the best way and always aligned to the national legislation, "emphasized Vice President Ana Helena Chacón.

Also present at the event were the Minister of the Environment, Edgar Gutiérrez; The Minister of Tourism, Mauricio Ventura; The Minister a.i. of Foreign Trade, Jhon Fonseca; The Managing Director of the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), Jorge Sequeira and senior representatives of Discovery Costa Rica.

The new destination Discovery Costa Rica, confirms the country's global positioning as an example in responsible tourism and environmental protection, seeking that international and national visitors learn about the Costa Rican culture and the natural diversity of the country, through visits to different natural destinations in activities guided by the values environmental respect and sustainability.

Opportunities for Costa Rica from Guanacaste

The project of almost 800 hectares near the international airport Daniel Oduber and that has fulfilled all the Costa Rican regulations for its development, will energize the local economy and will generate important growth opportunities for the communities of Guanacaste. It will also seek linkages with hundreds of local Costa Rican suppliers.

For Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade, the project is a great opportunity for the country and for Guanacaste. "Development in areas outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAMA) through the promotion of investments is a primary task for the Solis Rivera Administration. For our country development, it is fundamental to promote the inclusion and integration of the various regions of Costa Rica into robust productive ecosystems, in order to generate quality employment, dynamic and innovative business linkages, as well as a more balanced development amongst the different areas of the country. This project, which we have worked on since the beginning of this Administration, represents a great challenge, and in its implementation phase, we will assume with great positivism and determination, "concluded Minister Mora.

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, commented: "For our country it is a privilege that an internationally recognized firm like Discovery Communications has selected Costa Rica. This development reinforces the positioning of the country, at an international level, as a destination for world-class projects where the Costa Rican essence allows us to enjoy privileged access to the natural concentration we inhabit, but also shows the hospitality and ingenuity of our people and the rich culture that characterizes us. It is a great opportunity for the communities of the province of Guanacaste and it allows us to see that we can dream big with the development of areas outside the Greater Metropolitan Area.

According to a press release from Discovery, Costa Rica was selected not only for its natural beauty but for the values that characterize the Costa Ricans, which fit with those that drive the Discovery brand. Among these are authenticity, ingenuity, preservation and adventurous spirit.

The website of the project as well as its Facebook page will be launched this Thursday, April 20th in the morning.

Experience the essence of Costa Rica

The Discovery Costa Rica project is the first of the brand in Latin America and aims to involve and educate their visitors in preservation, as well as showing the, hospitable, peaceful, adventurous and proud of its natural resources Costa Rican culture, to the whole world.

Prominently, the development will include cabins and hotels, an eco adventure park, areas for sports and events, as well as Discovery themed restaurants, inspired by local cuisine. As an important point of the experience in the country, it will add experiences focused on nature and adventure. These last ones will be carried out in different places of the guanacaste province and even its bordering zones, to where the visitors will be transferred as part of their stay and immersion in the country.