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Confluent Medical Technologies Announces Expansion of Costa Rican Plant

Confluent Medical Technologies Announces Expansion of Costa Rican Plant

*Original article and picture published by BUSINESS WIRE

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Confluent Medical Technologies (Confluent), today announced a significant expansion of their Costa Rica manufacturing by adding a new facility to accommodate the increase in customer demand for specialized medical devices utilizing Nitinol components and complex catheters.

This new facility will be co-located with the existing Confluent Costa Rica facilities and is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2022. The new site will greatly expand Confluent’s capacity to process Nitinol components, as well as produce complex catheters using a combination of clean rooms and white-space manufacturing.

“Confluent has been experiencing consistent and strong growth in recent years,” says Confluent President & CEO, Dean Schauer. “This expansion will support our new product pipeline that is significantly stronger than anything Confluent has previously experienced.”

Confluent supports some of the fastest growing medical device markets such as interventional Neurovascular, Electrophysiology, Structural Heart and Peripheral Vascular. As a result of the double-digit growth of these currently served markets, a substantial number of new products are coming into production and will utilize this new facility space immediately. Additionally, Confluent is considering additional expansion options beyond this new facility.

About Confluent Medical Technologies
Confluent Applies Materials Science to MedTech Innovation. Confluent’s engineered solutions to the most challenging design problems enable our OEM medical device customers to offer life-saving implantable products. Our customers rely on Confluent for materials science and associated manufacturing expertise which is critical to the function and value of their most demanding, high growth products – proprietary expertise which spans processing of high purity Nitinol, ultra-high density knitting of biomedical textiles and precision laser treatment of specialty polymers. Confluent partners with leading OEM’s to create a selective product portfolio which includes such complex applications as transcatheter heart valves, neurovascular implants, endovascular stent grafts and advanced smart catheters. With facilities in Fremont and Laguna Niguel, California; Warwick, Rhode Island; Windham, Maine; Austin, Texas; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and San Jose, Cost Rica, Confluent has earned the confidence of the leaders in the medical device community through a proven track record of innovative materials science, engineering, and manufacturing.

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