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CINDE relaunched a website with relevant information on higher demanded careers for students and professionals

CINDE relaunched a website with relevant information on higher demanded careers for students and professionals

• The tool is completely free and offers updated valuable content and internships for future professionals.

San Jose, November 30th, 2017. The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) has relaunched the website, aimed at students and professionals seeking information on the most sought-after careers in the industry, as well as serving as a liaison between technical and university students and leading companies interested in the best talent to occupy internships and professional practices within their organizations.

This initiative, led by CINDE, seeks to be a benchmark tool for students going through a career decision-making processes, offering relevant and interactive information on the most demanded technical and university careers, as well as their action ranges. In addition, it serves as support for parents and teachers, through the publication of valuable content such as rankings of higher demanded careers, certifications, importance of languages, online training tools, among others.

For Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, "The Talent Place initiative seeks to improve the investment climate of the country and in this specific case it accomplishes to bring companies and future professionals together in one place, so they can interact. For students who are still in the decision-making process of what to study, this website will serve as a reference to know all the necessary information about what the market is demanding and facilitate their decision-making process." also provides digital support tools for people already involved in the labor market or recent graduates, who seek to acquire new knowledge, certifications and stay up-to-date in accordance with the needs of an increasingly demanding labor market.

To enhance the multimedia interaction, the site now offers testimonial videos of professionals who work in the most demanding careers, in order to explain how their day-to-day work lives are and to guide students about these careers or seek new specializations.

The Talent Place has managed to publish more than 600 internship opportunities in the last four years, of which it has successfully materialized an average of 100 per year. Information collected by CINDE shows that of these interns, more than 30% end up being hired by the companies after concluding their practice. About 120 national and multinational companies are active participants of this page.

The re-launch of the page now includes a friendlier interface for both students and companies, easily deploying open internships, recommendations for free courses, certifications and online resources for the students´ benefit, and information of interest related to careers that are currently highly demanded by companies the market.

For companies, the platform works as a link with students who are in the final stages of their technical or university education, as well as candidates seeking a first job opportunity, becoming known within the academic community and connecting with interns who may develop a professional career in their companies.

CINDE is a private, non-profit organization that has been committed to Costa Rica's sustainable development and social progress for 35 years, through the attraction of foreign direct investment in manufacturing industries and high value-added services that generate quality jobs, knowledge transfer and productive linkages. CINDE also collaborates in strengthening the Costa Rican business climate in a way that fosters the growth of valuable activities in the country, improving the preparation of local talent, and generating employment and greater opportunities for its population in the different communities of the country.

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