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CINDE Multilingual Job Fair will Bring Thousands of Job Openings in Services, Technology, and Manufacturing

CINDE Multilingual Job Fair will Bring Thousands of Job Openings in Services, Technology, and Manufacturing

San Jose, Costa Rica. March 13, 2024.CINDE has announced the 2024 onsite edition of its Multilingual Job Fair, Costa Rica’s most prestigious event for recruitment of personnel with mastery of two or more languages. At the event, slated for April 5-7 in Antigua Aduana, 42 companies will be looking to fill more than 4,000 job openings.

“This is the 17th edition of the CINDE job fair, where we will have the leading multinationals now growing in our country as well as newly arriving companies looking to hire people in highly diverse areas to join their teams. The event is a connecting bridge that promotes national talent and facilitates contact between candidates and companies,” noted CINDE managing director Marianela Urgellés.

The CINDE Multilingual Job Fair seeks to recruit talent with mastery of more than two languages, mainly English and other languages such as Portuguese, French, and German, according to the demands of CINDE-supported global companies already set up in Costa Rica or in the process of doing so. The event, which is free to participants, requires preregistration on a unique platform in Costa Rica.

“Emerson has been in Costa Rica for more than 15 years, and for this fair we have some 40 job openings in  finance, information technology, engineering, operations, and project management, among other areas. Emerson believes in respecting diversity and equal opportunity, so we are offering a generous benefit package to support and recognize employees,” said Marco Campos, talent acquisition manager for Emerson Costa Rica.

Preregistration is required for applying for openings

Entrance is free to attendees on the three days of the job fair. The fair will be open on Friday, April 5, and Saturday, April 6, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday, April 7, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Fair participation is a simple process that CINDE has been reinforcing thanks to its extensive experience. The basic requirements to participate are to be 18 or older, have a current citizen or resident identification card, and attend the event in Antigua Aduana on one of its three days.

Those interested must register on the website After completing or updating their profiles, candidates must take the BELT language test in English. Both steps are obligatory for participating onsite at the fair. Once a candidate has fulfilled the requirements, they will receive a QR code as an entry pass.

This onsite edition brings thousands of available job openings with more than 40 multinational service, digital technology, manufacturing, and life science firms looking to hire operators and human resource, manufacturing, customer service, accounting, finance, engineering, software development, quality, data management, project management, management, design, communications, and sales staff, as well as personnel in other areas.

According to Jairo Quiros, senior vice president of the Global Service Center of Equifax en Costa Rica, “Equifax has participated in Costa Rica’s development for almost 30 years, and our employees have also grown hand in hand with us in areas ranging from contact center, sales and marketing, and financial analysis to data analytics, cloud technology, automation, AI, and cyber security. We have more than 100 positions available to help people reach their full potential.”

Steps for Applying

The following are the steps for applying to attend the fair:

1. Create or update your profile at
2. Take the Idioma Internacional’s BELT Language Test.
3. Obtain a QR code that you must present at Antigua Aduana.

The BELT Language Test is an opportunity for candidates to identify and assess their level of language mastery. The only mandatory test is that of English, but French and Portuguese tests will also be available free of charge.

“BELT continues to position itself as the ideal liaison between candidates and companies. It is a huge benefit that our partnership with CINDE provides since it enables attendees to learn their level of language mastery and compare their skills with the market while at the same time giving companies an essential tool for making quick and accurate hiring decisions,” pointed out Brian Logan, general manager of Idioma Internacional.

At, candidates can locate jobs by professional area, company name, required language level, and even modality of the opening, so they can see if the job is onsite, hybrid, or remote.

In addition, during the three days of the job fair attendees will learn about the EPI (Professional Interactive Education), the new human talent training initiative developed by CINDE in conjunction with BDS Asesores. This training initiative, which offers updated courses according to labor demand and global trends, is the fruit of the two organizations’ extensive expertise in strategic sectors of the Costa Rican economy and provides the public with an opportunity to access high-level training to improve their employability.

For more information, visit CINDE Jobs on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The following are the companies where you could be taking your next professional step:

Align Technology
BCD Travel
Beyondsoft Consulting
Bill Gosling Outsourcing
Bimbo Global Services
British American Tobacco (BAT)
Cigniti Technologies
Curtiss Wright
Edwards Lifesciences
Health Prime
Infosys BPM Limited
Infotree Global Solutions
Jones Lang Lasalle
Moog Medical
Spectraforce Technologies
Svitla Systems
Terumo Costa Rica
The Lifetime Value Company
Viant Costa Rica
World Wide Technology

CINDE is Costa Rica’s expert foreign investment agency. Declared of public interest, over its 42 years the non-profit agency has helped attract some 430 multinational companies and create some 181,000 direct jobs in this country. CINDE’s services include analysis and assistance to investors during their decision-making and setup processes, as well as help with their reinvestment and growth strategies.