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CINDE and Georgia Tech will host High Dimensional and Big Data Analytics Training

CINDE and Georgia Tech will host High Dimensional and Big Data Analytics Training

San José, Costa Rica. October 23rd 2018. CINDE, in collaboration with Georgia Tech invites you to a high dimensional and big data training that will shape professional with basic knowledge in machine learning and programming to a more analytics-oriented profile.

The content includes functional data analysis methods, image data analysis, high-dimensional data analysis using tensors, among others.

The event will take place in Coyol Training Center and in Fundación Omar Dengo, next November 26th to the 30th. The 5-day course is designed for people with basic to intermediate knowledge about machine learning and interested about high-dimensional data analytics.

To enroll, candidates must fulfill prerequisites including linear algebra, basic machine learning and programming skills, and be able to cope with assignments with R and Matlab packages.

This joint effort is highly valuable because Georgia Tech is a well-recognized university in engineering field for its excellent programs and teachers. For CINDE, human capital upgrading is a key element to attract and retain FDI. There is a need to develop skills aligned with the technological trends like Big Data that we try to fulfill with initiatives like this one as part of an ongoing project called ISAA (International Strategic Academic Alliances).

New technical and soft skills are shaping the new labor force for the next years and CINDE has a responsibility to improve the local conditions according to the market needs. We see Georgia Tech as a strategic partner to meet this need in an accelerated way, bringing to the country experienced professionals and programs in new areas like cybersecurity, machine learning and big data.

Event details:
Cost: $1800
Dates:November 26-30 (5 day course)
Venue:Training Center Coyol Free Zone andamp; Fundación Omar Dengo

To confirm your participation, contact
Daniela Gómez