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Bill Gosling Outsourcing Launches Second Site in Costa Rica, Creating 200+ New Jobs

Bill Gosling Outsourcing Launches Second Site in Costa Rica, Creating 200+ New Jobs

Costa Rica. March 11, 2021Bill Gosling Outsourcing is a technology-focused global Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) provider that specializes in customer experience (CX) solutions, and they are looking to expand Costa Rica operations with over 200 new jobs.

Bill Gosling launched their first site in Costa Rica in September of 2019 and are currently working on launching their second site just 18 months later. “Our Clients have been so pleased with the quality of service and our team that we are ready to expand within the country already. The launch of the second site validates our initial reasons for choosing Costa Rica as the start of our LATAM expansion,” said Dave Rae, CEO of Bill Gosling Outsourcing.

Carlos Alvarado, President of the Republic, commented that “the expansion of a company as established as Bill Gosling offers further confirmation that multinational companies view Costa Rica as a strategic ally in achieving their goals.”

President Alvarado highlighted all the work being done to train Costa Rica’s human talent to take advantage of these excellent employment opportunities; as an example, he cited the new INA Law signed in January, which is designed to prepare Costa Ricans for greater professional opportunities to enter the labor market, thus influencing the country’s competitiveness, productivity, and innovation.

“2020 was challenging for everyone, but with the strength, agility, and mutual commitment with our clients, we were able to navigate through and continue to provide certainty of supply. Thanks to our team’s strength and dedication, we launched new relationships and continued to operate on trust and transparency. This paved the way to launching our second nearshore site,” added Kenny Johnston, President of Bill Gosling Outsourcing.

Andrés Valenciano, Minister of Foreign Trade, pointed out, “this newest expansion of the Bill Gosling company confirms, once again, that we are headed in the right direction with our nation’s value proposal, based on the three Ps: planet, people, and prosperity. This is a leading company in the service sector and has become a strategic ally for our country; its decision to reinvest in Costa Rica reflects our favorable business platform, characterized by a highly competitive environment and highly qualified human resources. Today, we celebrate Bill Gosling’s sustained commitment to Costa Rica in choosing our country as its ally in continued growth and thereby generating 200 new formal employment opportunities for Costa Ricans.”

Currently, the second site is under construction but will be ready for operations by mid-May this year, with some new Clients being serviced out of that site. “Since our expansion into Costa Rica, we have had great success in building our company culture within the team. There is high engagement among the staff globally, regionally, and locally within our community in Belén. We are now ready to grow our team and are looking for applicants who are fluent in English with strong social skills, enthusiasm, and are eager to learn.” – David Clements, VP of Operations at Bill Gosling Outsourcing.

With nine sites across North America, the UK, the Philippines, and Costa Rica, Bill Gosling provides live agent support via voice, chat, email, and other digital solutions in various languages.

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, commented, “According to the World Economic Forum, Costa Rica is the leader in human capital in Latin America. Multinational companies highly value our productivity and human talent. CINDE’s data shows that in the services sector from 2005 to 2019, productivity per employee, as measured by exports per capita, grew 47% – reaching USD $51,000 in 2019. We are proud of this key aspect, which drives more reinvestments in our country, as is the case with Bill Gosling Outsourcing. This is important news, especially given its announcement less than two years after having opened Costa Rican operations.”

The two sites will be near each other, both located within the El Cafetal Corporate Centre, approximately 15 minutes away from the San Jose International airport. This expansion will bring a combined 500 seat capacity across both sites with additional remote working capabilities for multi-lingual Customer Services positions. 

Those interested in applying, please visit:

About Bill Gosling Outsourcing
Founded in Canada in 1955, Bill Gosling Outsourcing (BGO) provides outsourcing services for clients throughout North America, the UK, the Philippines, and Costa Rica.  Services include Customer Service/Support, Accounts Receivable Management, Customer Sales and Acquisitions, and Call Center Technology/Business Process Outsourcing.  With the opening of a second Costa Rican site, this takes the company to a total of 10 sites supporting 2,800 seats. 

This expansion is supported by Bill Gosling’s new private equity partner,Owner Resource Group, who joined the management team led by David Rae (CEO) and Kenny Johnston (President) to invest in growth and to pursue strategic acquisitions that expand service offerings to customers.