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Beyondsoft Consulting Opens Managed Services Operations Center in Costa Rica

Beyondsoft Consulting Opens Managed Services Operations Center in Costa Rica

  • The multinational company expects its operations to grow 25% during 2022.
San Jose, March 3, 2022. Beyondsoft Consulting Inc (BCI) has chosen Costa Rica as the home of its new wholly owned subsidiary Beyondexpect Technology Costa Rica (Beyondexpect). The Beyondexpect operations center officially opened in November of 2021 and offers BCI clients a nearshore managed services option.

Beyondexpect already has 60 employees and is considering growing its talent by 25% this year, hiring according to client needs. Beyondexpect’s offices are located at WeWork in the Cariari Corporate Center in San Antonio de Belén.

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, BCI has over two decades of experience with Fortune 10-2000 companies and has over 20,000 experts worldwide with 32 delivery centers in eight countries, including the United States, China, Japan. India, Singapore, Spain, and Malaysia.

BCI provides technology and managed services solutions for high-tech, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, logistics, and other industries. The Costa Rican team will deliver services to customers, including internationally prestigious corporations, in more than 30 global markets where BCI has a presence.

BCI and Beyondexpect see Costa Rica as having the ideal conditions to continue growing, “Having a team in this beautiful country enables us to offer our customers the best talent in the same time zone as the United States with excellent cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the political stability and social and environmental commitment for which it is recognized make this a promising space that adapts to our corporate values,” affirmed Antonio Briceño Bonilla, Country Manager in Costa Rica.

“We see more and more how highly prestigious multinationals identify with our value proposition of investing with purpose. The opening of Beyondexpect is a clear example of this and of how the service sector - specifically the tech area - continues to grow and constitute an important component of our economy,” stated Foreign Trade Minister Andrés Valenciano.

He added, “We trust Beyondexpect will find great professionals in our country, adding significant value to its services to more than 30 global markets for a portfolio of such influential customers as the Fortune 10-2000 companies.”

For CINDE Managing Director Jorge Sequeira, Beyondexpect’s arrival in our country confirms our excellent conditions for the IT services business: “Beyondexpect has found in Costa Rica, the strategic partner it was looking for, with qualified talent and experience in technologies. Moreover, we count on services as a key sector for national economic development since services account for 39% of all Costa Rican exports. This has enabled our country to go from being a destination for knowledge-intensive service centers to a model for multifunctional services ranging from software development, information technology support, data analytics, and cloud management, among other services.”

Beyondexpect is looking to hire people with talent in technology and different experience levels, including consultants, architects, and leadership positions. If you are interested in any of these openings, contact the company at

About Beyondexpect
Beyondexpect Technology Costa Rica S.A. is the wholly owned subsidiary of Beyondsoft Consulting Inc. (BCI). The Beyondexpect operations center offers a nearshore managed services option to Fortune 100-2000 clients in a wide range of industries including high-tech, e-commerce, finance, automobile, retail, logistics, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, media and entertainment, and travel.