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BAT Costa Rica to Hire 150 People for Services Center Expansion

BAT Costa Rica to Hire 150 People for Services Center Expansion

San José, Costa Rica. November 2, 2020. BAT, a multinational firm located in Flores, Heredia, has announced that due to the expansion of its Regional Shared Services Center, it will add 150 employees to the 395 it currently employs in this Costa Rican business unit.

This regional office provides finance, human resource, and supply chain services to all BAT Group companies in the Americas. Due to the market features it serves, those interested in applying for one of the positions should be able to speak English, Portuguese, and/or French.

Job opportunities will be opening at all levels, from positions requiring basic knowledge of finance and human resources to more specialized positions involving full team management.

One of the company’s commitments to Costa Rican society is that 10-15% of its jobs are generally for professionals over the age of 40.

As part of the expansion, BAT will also be investing US$1 million (approximately ₵600 million) in retrofitting its infrastructure to adapt to new requirements.

BAT has operations on all continents and provides jobs for more than 53,000 people. In addition to its shared services office, BAT also employs 90 people in its Costa Rican business office, which is responsible for importing and distributing cigarettes and other tobacco products in this country.

According to acting Minister of Foreign Trade Duayner Salas, “during the last decade, Costa Rican services exports grew at an average annual rate of 7.3% to US$9,503 million in 2019. The record figure exposes us as a cradle of human talent with a stable economy and global market integration. We celebrate the opening of new jobs at BAT, new opportunities for Costa Ricans in the service trade, which has shown to be our most active international trade segment.”

BAT General Manager Gustavo Guzmán noted that “Costa Rica provides top-notch professionals in all technical and professional fields, with high levels of university education and mastery of a second or third language. Also, state institutions effectively coordinate with our company’s needs in terms of guidance, training, logistics support, etc. Moreover, Costa Rica is a significant market for our industry, trade-wise; this facilitates integration with our Shared Services Center, which is crucial to our company globally.”

Jorge Sequeira Picado, CINDE’s managing director, commented that “BAT joins the list of multinational companies that have added valuable job opportunities for Costa Ricans. CINDE estimates that over 10,000 jobs have been created since January 2020. Many of these were working from home, which opens more work options for people outside the greater metropolitan area. We at CINDE thank BAT for continuing to confide in Costa Rica for consolidating its business strategy. Those interested in applying for one of the job openings can do so through the recruitment portal:

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