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Altimetrik, a Data and Digital Engineering Company, is Setting Up in Costa Rica and Creating 50 New Jobs

Altimetrik, a Data and Digital Engineering Company, is Setting Up in Costa Rica and Creating 50 New Jobs

  • Costa Rica leads Latin America in digital technology services exports with $243 million per million inhabitants. 
  • The company is looking for Costa Rican talent in the fields of data engineering, information technologies, and software development. 
San Jose Costa Rica. September 1, 2022. Altimetrik, a digital business company with more than ten years of experience, has announced its arrival in Costa Rica. Founded in Michigan, U.S.A. and with offices in 22 locations around the world, the company confirmed that its arrival was based on the quality and innovative capacity offered by Costa Rican talent for growing its business. 

“Some of the reasons for setting up shop in a country like Costa Rica are its proximity to both North and South America, highly trained and multilingual talent, a great investment climate, and potential opportunities for expansion in the industry. In addition, we also know that Costa Rica is a great place for the professional growth of new members of the Altimetrik team,” said Omar Arana, country manager for Altimetrik Costa Rica.

Talent and opportunities have no borders for the company, which claims that Altimetrik’s new location in Costa Rica represents the achievement of a goal. 

According to Foreign Trade Minister Manuel Tovar, “The new global scenario and rapidly evolving technologies continue to drive unprecedented changes in our societies. Costa Rica has a privileged location and human talent capable of adapting to the changes of an increasingly interconnected world. Altimetrik has found in our country an ideal site for its software engineering and development. We are the perfect partner for digital technologies, an ecosystem that connects and responds to the rapid evolution and needs of clients.”

From Costa Rica, Altimetrik will be providing digital payment, technology and finance, Big Data, product development and digital transformation services to markets such as the U.S. and Europe. 

CINDE Director of Investment Advisory Pilar Madrigal explained, “Digital technology services companies help thousands of talented Costa Ricans develop professionally and connect to the world. Altimetrik is joining a consolidated group of companies that provide these opportunities and deliver support from Costa Rica to the major global markets. Thanks to their efforts, digital services exports grew by 9.6% last year, surpassing $1,4 billion by the end of 2021.”

Talent Search
Altimetrik plans to hire 50 new employees in the fields of data engineering, information technologies, and software development.

The company is certified as a “Great Place to Work” in other countries and plans to obtain the same award for Costa Rica. Meanwhile, it proposes to create a healthy, satisfying, and enriching work environment for the members of its team on Costa Rican soil.

Some of the benefits offered to employees include:

  • 100% remote work
  • Monthly internet and telephone voucher
  • Private medical insurance
  • Monthly food voucher 
  • Additional days off to what is provided by Costa Rican law
  • Salary in dollars
  • Access to Udemy courses
  • Annual performance bonus

Those interested in broadening their work experience, working with global accounts, and establishing international contacts can send their professional profile to or visit the company’s Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook pages. 

Altimetrik has more than 5,500 employees worldwide and a presence in such countries as the U.S., India, Mexico, Uruguay, Poland, Japan, and Canada.