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In a groundbreaking business world, Costa Rica is ready to show how a tradition of peace, education, innovation and sustainability are fertile ground to grow and do business


+300 high-tech multinationals and growing

From food technology to bio, medtech, IoT and artificial intelligence. We mean business.


Exporting +4300 products and services

Lure your most demanding customers with a robust offering of specialized products & services.

Reasons for Outsourcing Costa Rica

A country that keeps exceeding all expectations

Here are a few reasons why Costa Rica is your best partner for business:

Costa Rica


Embracing opportunities

to propose & create

  • Costa Rica is a cradle of human talent.

    We have the Best educational system in Latin America. Above France, India, China, and Philippines (WEF, 2016-17)

  • Top English proficiency in Latin America.

    Second in TOEFL test (ETS, 2016)

  • #1 in Pay-to-productivity in LATAM

    Increasing output per employee 97% since 2005. (WEF, 2016-2017)

  • 1st in LATAM in Cultural, creative & ICT services

    Recognizing our talent's capacity for knowledge absorption, diffusion, creativity and research. (WIPO 2017)

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  • Costa Rica provides a mature environment for complex business processes.

    We are the #1 Exporter of high value-added services in Latin America.

  • Costa Rica is home to the #1 Fortune 100 company and more than 140 other success stories

    For example: Amazon, HP, IBM, Sykes, Intel, McKinsey and more.

  • Multifunctional & Multilingual

    Costa Rica delivers a wide range of sophisticated processes for services consolidation or local outsourcing

  • Per capita exports of ITC services is 6x that of any other country in Latin America

Costa Rica


Beyond cloud forests:

cloud computing

There are many more reasons to choose Costa Rica Find out why

Costa Rica


A breathing lab

for R&D

  • #1 in Innovation and innovation efficiency in LATAM

    Demonstrating the ability to generate greater innovation results with elements as human capital, market & business sophistication, Institutions & infrastructure. (WEF 2016-2017, WIPO 2017)

  • 5% of the world´s biodiversity

    Provides a breathing lab for R&D and biotech

  • Buy and operate in a country that is aligned with SGDs:

    Nearly 100% powered by Clean Energy
    Leader in Carbon Neutral Pineapple and Carbon Neutral Coffee.

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  • Costa Rica offers a strong and world-renowned tradition of peace (2nd in Global Peace index)

    +120 years of democracy and stability mitigates the risk of doing business

  • No business disruption because of natural disasters (US National Geophysical Data Center).

    "Costa Rica has built an efficient disaster response system and established an effective system of building codes, environmental standards, and land use planning to mitigate the impact of natural disasters.” World Bank

  • "Costa Rica´s Seismic code can be considered a state of the art Code" United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.

    Only one hurricane in recorded history has made landfall.

Costa Rica

Business Continuity

A reliable platform

to do business

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