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Press Release

Microtechnologies Costa Rica Manufactures Components for Ford’s Artificial Ventilators

MAY 22nd 2020

•Company located in Alajuela is creating 100,000 switches for the automaker’s production line.
•Ford innovated with this production to help in the care of patients infected by the novel coronavirus. 

Costa Rica. May 22, 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has led the Ford automaker to reengineer one of its production lines into an assembly line for artificial ventilators for intensive care patients with the novel coronavirus. To do so, it contacted Microtechnologies, located in the RC Logistics Condominium in Coyol, Alajuela, to purchase key components for the ventilators’ operation: pressure and vacuum switches. These components are designed and manufactured by Costa Rican talent. 

The components are a kind of diaphragm driven by a pressure of 25 pounds per square inch (psi). At this pressure, the diaphragm moves a mechanism that changes the status of the switch’s electric contacts (normally open and normally closed). Close to 100,000 pieces are being produced in Costa Rica, thanks to 350 Costa Ricans dedicated to their manufacture. 

Microtechnologies has been working for 22 years in Costa Rica and is internationally recognized as a reliable, innovative company for leading customers in the automotive, medical device, aerospace, and other highly demanding industries.

Daniel Araya, sales director for Microtechnologies Costa Rica, commented, “We are taking on this challenge with the strong sense of responsibility that has characterized us for more than five decades in the critical component business, as well as the urgency it merits because we know our work will help save lives in the fight against COVID-19.” 

As of today, some 20,000 switches have been delivered and the order is expected to be completed within the next few weeks. Microtechnologies’ work team is working around the clock to meet its commitment as soon as possible.  

About Microtechnologies
Microtechnologies delivers cutting-edge engineering solutions in semiconductor, automotive, medical, and industrial markets. From disruptive designs and materials to complex automated assemblies, our diverse teams and facilities focus integrated capabilities on component design, prototyping, tooling, manufacture, parts validation, and scaled production of precision metal components, precious metal wire assemblies, precision switches and sensors, micromachining, and automation.

For more information about Microtechnologies, visit