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U.S. Manufacturing Company BriskHeat Selects Costa Rica for Its First Latin American Operations

U.S. Manufacturing Company BriskHeat Selects Costa Rica for Its First Latin American Operations

  • From Costa Rica, BriskHeat will boost their production for clients throughout the Americas.
  • Over the next four weeks they will recruit 50 people; by the end of 2023 they expect to create 200 new jobs in Costa Rica.
  • The company has partnered with the National Learning Institute (INA) in seeking talent and to take advantage of their technical assistance during the early stages of training. 
San José, Costa Rica. December 8, 2022. BriskHeat, a North American manufacturing company, has selected Costa Rica as the site to establish its Latin American operations and, thus, serve its end customers in the western world in less time.

BriskHeat manufactures heating parts, controls, and accessories for applications in various industries, including semiconductors, pharmaceutical and medical, transportation, agriculture, and aviation/aerospace, as well as food and injection molding, among many others. With its Costa Rican operations, the company will primarily supply the semiconductor industry with future growth opportunities in the consumer goods and life sciences sector.

Costa Rica's facility will produce thermal blankets and insulation for heating and gas line insulation, condensation prevention, and gas/fluid uniformity. BriskHeat’s current high-volume facilities in other locations are near capacity, so this expansion will help BriskHeat grow and reduce delivery times.

Manuel Tovar, the Minister of Foreign Trade, commented, “Costa Rica serves as a location for 47 multinational advanced manufacturing companies that carry out a wide variety of operations. Briskheat selected our country as the site for its first Latin America operations – a vote of confidence that recognizes Costa Rica’s role in secure, transparent, sustainable, and resilient supply chains. We celebrate this new investment, which will create close to 250 new and quality jobs, as it contributes to our national development.”

BriskHeat is headquartered in the United States and was founded in 1949; it operates a manufacturing plant in Vietnam. Costa Rican operations – specifically, in the Green Park Free Zone in Alajuela – will now be added to their international locations.

“BriskHeat’s arrival demonstrates to us the result of positioning Costa Rica as a proximate and competitive manufacturing headquarters for serving the most demanding markets in America. This phenomenon is complemented by the great capacity of Costa Rican talent and its extensive technical knowledge in the manufacturing sector, which, according to CINDE data, registered 15% growth in job creation in the last year, for a total of more than 17,000 people employed in the industry,” added Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE.

Training Agreement: BriskHeat – INA
To train Costa Rican talent in BriskHeat’s specialized process, BriskHeat developed, with the technical assistance from INA, a customized training program on manufacturing processes for thermal blankets and other skills. The company entered this partnership to have the resources necessary to guarantee its operational success and growth.
“In order to train Costa Rican talent to operate this specialized equipment, Briskheat developed, in partnership with INA, a training strategy based on customized curriculums that cover the manufacturing processes for thermal covers and other skills. This relationship evolved out of a need for the human talent required to guarantee the operation’s success and the company’s growth,”
added Juan Alfaro, the Executive Chairman of INA.

BriskHeat plans to hire about 50 people during the remainder of 2022 and, by the end of 2023, it expects to have more than 200 employees in Costa Rica.

The company seeks people with experience in the basic handling of industrial sewing machines, assembly, and manufacturing, as well as teamwork skills. Interested applicants can apply via LinkedIn or by emailing

BriskHeat has more than 1,000 employees between its production facilities in the U.S. and Vietnam and sales centers in Asia and Europe.

About BriskHeat
Since 1949, BriskHeat has provided a full range of surface and immersion heating solutions used for freeze protection, condensation prevention, flow/viscosity control, vacuum bake-out, composite curing, and temperature process control. BriskHeat’s primary manufacturing facilities and headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio. BriskHeat has a worldwide sales network including sales offices in Taiwan, China, and Germany, as well as a manufacturing facility in Vietnam. In 2017, BriskHeat was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America. In 2021, BriskHeat became part of NIBE Industrier AB, a global group of manufacturing companies with over 15,000 employees worldwide. Follow BriskHeat on YouTube, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn