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Terumo Cardiovascular Unveils $42 Million Perfusion Circuit Technology and Manufacturing Center in Costa Rica

Terumo Cardiovascular Unveils $42 Million Perfusion Circuit Technology and Manufacturing Center in Costa Rica

  • The company, which is dedicated to cardiovascular surgery specialties, is one of the world's leading suppliers of perfusion products.
  • The perfusion line made in the country helps conduct oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange in the blood in place of the lungs, so that vital organs continue to function during cardiac surgery procedures. Every year, nearly half a million people in the world benefit from Terumo Cardiovascular products.
  • This is the division's first plant in Latin America. In the country, Terumo is the only manufacturer of perfusion circuits. At the end of 2022, the local operation will have almost 300 people. 
Costa Rica. September 14, 2022. With a total investment of $42 million to date, Terumo Cardiovascular, a global leader in medical devices for cardiac and vascular surgery, opened its manufacturing plant in Cartago's La Lima Free Zone (LLFZ). The new facilities are home to the Perfusion Circuit Technology and Manufacturing Center and welcome the first company to produce this line of medical equipment in Costa Rica. Local operations employ approximately 245 associates today and are estimated to increase to about 300 by the close of the year.

Terumo Cardiovascular manufactures and markets products focused on cardiopulmonary bypass and intraoperative monitoring. Every day, cardiac surgery teams around the world use these products in delicate procedures such as valve replacements and heart transplants.

For Robert DeRyke, President and CEO of Terumo Cardiovascular, Costa Rican operations will allow the company to better serve its customers and provide better patient care. “Our focus is on the patient. By strengthening our global manufacturing footprint with our new plant in Costa Rica’s La Lima Free Zone, Terumo Cardiovascular is better positioned to serve our global customers and provide effective solutions for patient care – today and well into the future,” commented DeRyke.
The company, which is a subsidiary of Japan's Terumo Corporation, is backed by more than 100 years of group experience, as well as global operations that comprise more than 28,000 employees and a production system that includes 32 plants, with business in more than 160 countries and regions. Terumo Cardiovascular is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has manufacturing centers in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Cartago represents the first cardiovascular division factory in Latin America; the facility will produce the company's complete line of perfusion circuits (customized tubing kits) for cardiac surgery. Costa Rican operations launched on August 3 and are expected to reach full capacity by the second quarter of 2023. Beginning in September of this year, the company will export to the United States, Canada, and Latin America. During the second phase, which launches in February 2023, they will start supplying the markets of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia.
Attending the official opening ceremony were government representatives, along with senior Terumo executives, who visited the country solely to mark the occasion. On his first tour of a medical device plant, Rodrigo Chaves, the President of Costa Rica, emphasized the country's position in the life sciences sector,

"May this opening ceremony give rise to greater projects, where the quality of Costa Rican talent finds a place in best-in-class multinational operations such as Terumo, which has reached more than 160 countries and regions.

Friends let's make this century of common history be one of great achievements together, where through commitment, excellence, vision, and
technology we will reach together a new era of growth, both for Terumo and for the country," said the president.
Manuel Tovar, the Minister of Foreign Trade, highlighted, “In recent years, medical devices have become our main export product, making the country a regional leader and a key ally for companies in this sector. As a result, Terumo Cardiovascular is investing US $42 million in a new Perfusion Circuit Technology and Manufacturing Center in Costa Rica, the first plant of the cardiovascular division in Latin America. We are extremely proud to provide, together with leading companies like Terumo Cardiovascular, health to thousands of people worldwide."

Jorge Sequeira, the Managing Director of CINDE, also commented “Currently, 83 medical device companies, including 13 of the top 30 in the world, have operations in our country. Terumo Cardiovascular´s growth is proof of this positioning of Costa Rica as one of the main hubs for this industry in the American continent.”

Costa Rica, A Strategic Choice
With a goal to improve quality of life for heart disease patients, and to the benefit of medical settings, Terumo Cardiovascular's national operations represent an opportunity to further develop innovative technology in an up-to-date, modern, and scalable facility that meets the strictest safety and quality standards. The company's new facilities comprise a total 157,000 ft2, which includes 25,000 ft2 of clean rooms (production), warehouses, office space, a cafeteria, a doctor's office, and a lactation room, among others.

DeRyke highlighted the country's many advantages: “Costa Rica has a strong cultural alignment with Terumo Cardiovascular. Its economic and political stability, and strong commitment to sustainability, are ecosystem-strengthening draws for the numerous service and medical device manufacturers that tap into the country’s highly skilled talent. This enhances our global competitiveness and helps us grow based on strategic investments.”

For the firm, the plant is off to a successful start, overcoming global supply chain challenges, implementing an innovative Quality Management System, and finding world-class talent both for its local leadership team and at the operational level.

Many of the plant’s employees are dedicated to the assembly and manufacturing process (production associates). The company's vision for diversity and inclusion encourages people of various professional profiles to discover their potential. Prior to recruitment, Terumo Cardiovascular offers its IKIGAI, a two-month training program, which is part of a public-private partnership and both trains and assesses participants. As a result, about 90% of production associates graduate from this program and the permanence rate at the company, as assessed during the first three months, rose to 93% (versus about 80% for those who do not take the training).

In addition, for two months, the company trained more than 60 associates at its Massachusetts factory in assembly processes, quality inspection and production engineering.

Terumo Cardiovascular is continuing to hire production and administrative associates. Interested parties may send their resume to the following email:

It should be noted that currently, two other Terumo Group companies also maintain operations in the country: MicroVention and Terumo Blood and Cell Technology (located at the LLFZ since 2021).

Precision and Medical Equipment Leads Exports
According to Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) data, when analyzing the first quarter of 2022, the precision and medical equipment sector continues to strengthen its position as the country's primary export sector, with a 34% share. When comparing figures with the same period in 2021 (January-March), it reports a growth of 13%, or $145 million over that period.

What is a perfusion circuit?
- A perfusion circuit is comprised of tubing which connects critical cardiopulmonary devices and is used during heart and thoracic surgery procedures to temporarily replace heart and lung functions.

- Terumo Cardiovascular's line of perfusion devices includes the world's best-selling pediatric oxygenator, the industry-standard continuous inline blood parameter monitor, and Terumo’s trusted heart-lung machine built to exacting quality standards.

- Terumo Cardiovascular is one of the world's leading providers of perfusion products. The Costa Rican facility will produce the complete custom tubing kits.

About Terumo Cardiovascular
Terumo Cardiovascular manufactures and markets medical devices for cardiac and vascular surgery with an emphasis on cardiopulmonary bypass and intra-operative monitoring. The company is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with manufacturing operations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. It is one of several subsidiaries of Terumo Corporation of Japan that is focused exclusively on cardiovascular surgery specialties. For more information, visit

About Terumo Corporation
Terumo (TSE: 4543) is a global leader in medical technology and has been committed to “Contributing to Society through Healthcare” for 100 years. Based in Tokyo and operating globally, Terumo employs more than 28,000 associates worldwide to provide innovative medical solutions in more than 160 countries and regions. The company started as a Japanese thermometer manufacturer and has been supporting healthcare ever since. Now, its extensive business portfolio ranges from vascular intervention and cardio-surgical solutions, blood transfusion and cell therapy technology, to medical products essential for daily clinical practice such as transfusion systems, diabetes care, and peritoneal dialysis treatments. Terumo will further strive to be of value to patients, medical professionals, and society at large.