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Technology Disruption and Costa Rica´s education system alignment to graps the opportunities

Technology Disruption and Costa Rica´s education system alignment to graps the opportunities

• Experts from the academy, political parties, chambers, development organizations, government authorities and companies analyze the system's opportunities to address the changes generated by technology and global mega trends .

• Competitiveness of the country is directed at retooling and forging new skills for Costa Rican talent.

San Jose, Costa Rica, November 7, 2017. Is the Costa Rican educational system ready to respond to technological evolution, automation, artificial intelligence and other disruptive mega trends that are changing the world and the jobs of the future? More than 250 representatives of the Costa Rican government authorities, academy, private sector, chambers, pro-development organizations, education experts, presidential candidates and other representatives of political parties analyzed the issue and proposed actions in the forum: "Education – in the middle of the perfect storm, opportunities to transform Costa Rica "organized by the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE).

Five international speakers addressed topics on: Education for the works of the future, the evolution of technology and artificial intelligence, the new panorama of learning, going from institutions to learning processes; and success stories of countries that adapted their education systems to face the new world outlook.

According to Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, the event seeks to generate an open and productive dialogue about the role of education to strengthen the capabilities of the country's human talent and face global changes.

"The fourth industrial revolution in which we are immersed has led us to a reality of artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, big data, materials science, quantum computing, synthetic biology and many other emerging technologies that are changing the way we live and work. This demands great challenges for all countries. The automation of jobs is for example part it. Costa Rica will not be the exception. There will be a global impact and therefore, as a country, we have to define a clear path that allows us to prepare our human talent with that vision of the future and technological change so that we can take advantage of the new context and not be affected by it", explained Sequeira.

Main speakers:
Topic: Preparing education for the jobs of the future
Dr. Vesselina Stefanova Ratcheva, Data Manager in Education, Gender and Labor, World Economic Forum.

Topic: The New Learning Landscape: From Institutions to Flows
Sara Skvrisky, Research Director, Institute for the Future

Topic: Evolution of technology, transforming the educational paradigm
Fabio Gandour, Chief Scientist, IBM Research Brazil

Topic: Disruptive education: The CIID Case
Stiven Kerestegian, Innovation and Strategy Manager, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Topic: Big bets to transform Costa Rica´s education
Felipe Child, Partner, McKinsey andamp; Company

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