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SYKES Creates 1,000 Jobs and opens 1,950 spaces for its English Academy

SYKES Creates 1,000 Jobs and opens 1,950 spaces for its English Academy

• Hiring process will be from August to December, equivalent to 200 new Jobs per month.

• People who want to join SYKES and a have an English intermediate level will be trained at the academy.

• According to CINDE’s Managing Director, Jorge Sequeira, in 2018, 65,900 jobs were created thanks to 172 companies of the services cluster.

The multinational company specialized in high-tech services, SYKES, today announced that it will hire 1,000 people with an advanced English level for its operations in finances services and technology. The hiring process will be developed from August to December.

The company will create too 1,950 spaces for the SYKES English Academy to train people with 70-90% English level. This is part of the agreement signed between the company and the Ministry of Labor among the Alliance for Bilingualism (ABi) strategy.

The President of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado; the Minister of Labor, Steven Núñez; the Minister of Liaison with the Private Sector, André Garnier; the vice minister of Foreign Trade, Duayner Salas; and CINDE’s Managing Director, Jorge Sequeira, participated in the announcement, as well as SYKES’ General Manager, Luis Alejandro Arciniegas; SYKES’ Director of Corporate Affairs, Roy Mena; and collaborators of the company.

“This government is compromised in creating the conditions and trust to generate more new high-quality jobs in the private sector. We also want to provide our people with the required tools to face the demanding and current challenges,” said President Alvarado.

The Minister of Labor, Steven Núñez, mentioned that this announcement “boosts optimism to our citizens by confirming that new jobs are created in a sector in which more people is trained to become bilingual. We will continue to promote this type of programs and thank SYKES for its compromise and support to the country’s development hand to hand with the National Employment Program of the Ministry of Labor.”

From August to December, SYKES Academy will have 250 positions for people with 80-90% English proficiency, 100 vacancies for those who have a 75-80% level and 40 available spaces per month for those who have are among a 70-75% level. Also, 1,000 positions will created by hiring 200 people monthly.

“With this announcement, SYKES confirms its commitment to increase the language proficiency, create new high-quality jobs, promote social mobility, guarantee the sustainability of our business and strengthen our industry,” said Alejandro Arciniegas, Operations VP and Site Leader at SYKES.

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Dyalá Jiménez, also celebrated the announcement. “We are deeply proud of these new opportunities that promote well being and development to our people. Best wishes to all the candidates.”

According to CINDE’s Managing Director, Jorge Sequeira, in 2018, 65,900 jobs were created thanks to 172 companies of the services cluster.

“To keep this growth’s pace, we need to strengthen the capabilities in STEAM careers, in the technical and college degrees, as well as increasing Costa Rican’s bilingualism”, he added.

Those interested in applying can access: or send an email to: Those who participate in the program, will receive an economic subsidy from the Ministry of Labor from one to five months. This agreement plans to create more jobs by improving the language proficiency and is given only to those who are willing to work in the company.

With regards to the new jobs, SYKES invites everyone who has an English level equal to or greater than 90% to apply to the interviews and attend personally to its offices, whose schedule is from Monday through Friday before 4 p.m. The candidate must be Costa Rican or resident, be of legal age and have flexible schedules. Additionally, for technical positions, the candidate must have formal knowledge in social networks, operating systems and programming.

Within less than 4 months after signing the agreement, the company has recruited 560 people of which 300 already have finished, 100 of them were already hired by the company, 75 are in the hiring process, another 100 will be referred to CINDE to support their market positioning, while the remaining 260 continue their training.

SYKES has more than 20 years of experience in Costa Rica and close to 5,000 employees.