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Students will learn about SAP tools, thanks to a successful partnership between the company, academia and CINDE

Students will learn about SAP tools, thanks to a successful partnership between the company, academia and CINDE

  • The initiative called SAP Academy is a program that simulates the use of SAP in business.
  • ULatina, TEC and Saint Thomas Institute will operate full teaching model.

San Jose, September 12, 2016. A group of college students and another open teaching group of industrial engineering, business administration, accounting, systems engineering students, among others, will learn to use the Systems Applications Products (SAP)tool, commonly used in companies for process management.

This will be possible thanks to a partnership developed by schools, several multinational companies, SAP company and the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) who, understanding the importance of training, even more, the future human talent in the country, implemented the educational initiative.

SAP’s University Alliance program, is a global effort that gives teachers the tools to train professionals in this area to meet the high demand and interest in the market.

Currently a lot of companies use SAP in their operations and for them it is vital that professionals have knowledge on this platform, which adds value to their profile.

To date three institutions already signed their contract under the Full model, these are: Universidad Latina, TEC and Saint Thomas Institute.

Vanessa Gibson, Director of Corporate Development and Investment Climate at CINDE said "This initiative will provide the necessary knowledge to Costa Rican human talent according to what is most demanded in the industry, facilitating their integration into the labor market. CINDE has supported these and other academic initiatives through the years for the benefit of future professionals and we are delighted to know that talented students can now learn the use of SAP prior finishing their career. "

"We are committed to education through the various technological tools we provide to students in order to enhance their capabilities and create spaces where they become agents of social change through virtual training" concluded Lautaro Spotorno, SAP Communications Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

"TEC accomplishes its mission to be attentive to relevant training ahead of the industry needs with a multidisciplinary and research-oriented approach," said Mauricio Arroyo, Director of the School of Computing.

"Incorporating the use of SAP to our curriculum and learning to use it, involves adding value to the training of our students. It means providing them with better tools to face the labor market and thus make our careers more relevant. With that we will respond to the needs of employers, said Rosa Monge Monge, Rector of the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.

"For the Saint Thomas Educational Center it is very important to have initiated this preparation in the SAP platform because it is a world-class system that provides our students not only with national but also international job opportunities. It allows them to exploit their talents, reinvent them and service the world. Intel, HPE and Pandamp;G were responsible for validating the most sought modules that must now be provided to students by schools, thanks to the program implemented by SAP, "said Maria Jose Indundi, Saint Thomas Education Center.

The modules chosen to develop the program are: Account Information System, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Management, Business Analytics, Software Engineering, Mobile, Database Management and Enterprise Resource Planning.

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