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STEAM Hall Needs Donations to Open its Doors at the Children’s Museum

STEAM Hall Needs Donations to Open its Doors at the Children’s Museum

• New room, focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, needs companies’ support to finish construction.
• New space looks forward to awakening kids and young people’s interest in the STEAM fields.

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San José, Costa Rica. June 10th, 2019. How does the scientific method, internet, or robotics work? These are doubts that the little ones may clear up soon in a unique experience in the STEAM Hall.

The room, focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, will be located at the Children’s Museum. It is under the final stage of construction and plans to take its visitors through various challenges to solve a technologic alert, once it opens its doors on 2019’s second semester.

The new attraction includes different objectives, such as: understanding the scientific method by observing, creating a hypothesis, making questions and experimenting. It will also review the importance of information, the world of internet, the design and steps to generate ideas, the relevance of technology and its processes, programming and robotics, and why is technology linked to future jobs.

The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) and the “Help Us to Help Foundation” of the Children’s Museum lead the project, which began in 2017 and now has six sponsors: Akamai Technologies, Emerson, Intel, National Instruments, Establishment Labs and Maderama.

“Having different challenges in this attraction shows kids, young people and their circles of influence - parents and teachers - the potential of these fields, to understand how they can be part of technology and solve problems or identify opportunities of common interest. We also want to promote girls’ participation: they are key to understand that there are disciplines with a range of opportunities in their professional future such as: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics", explained Diana Salazar, Services Manager of Investment Climate at CINDE.

Salazar added that the STEAM Hall promotes developing soft skills as teamwork, analytical thinking and decision making, which are key in the labor market. The room also wants to reinforce women’s participation in technological areas and highlight their input.

“We want to offer educational spaces and beneficial training to Costa Rican families. We invite companies and institutions to support this initiative and allow thousands of children and young people to get closer to technological tools and invaluable knowledge that will help them enhance their skills as future professionals", said Mónica Riveros, Executive Director of the Children's Museum.

Donations are key. The STEAM Hall is under the final stage of construction. The previous phases have been possible thanks to the sponsors’ and the collaborator’s donations. They have also been part of the content’s development. However, it is necessary to keep a sustained flow of funds for its opening and future maintenance; therefore, citizens and companies are invited to donate.

Companies interested in donating, please contact: Those individuals who also want to donate, please contact the “Yo Me Uno” from BAC’s webpage at: “Taller STEAM Museo de los Niños - Fundación Ayúdenos para Ayudar”.

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Fabiola Domínguez-CINDE

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