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Site Selection Magazine: Costa Rica Investment Report

Site Selection Magazine: Costa Rica Investment Report

In 2021, CINDE reached record numbers for the second consecutive year by consolidating over a hundred new companies and reinvestment projects, 30% in comparison to 2020. Today, Costa Rica offers an ideal business environment for nearshoring, thanks to key factors such as a pool of highly prepared human talent, a technology-enabled, collaborative ecosystem of multinational companies and a more than 60 years embracement towards sustainability.  
For this report, leadership from companies such as Samtec, Bayer, Akamai, and Yellow Pallet were interviewed. Jimmy Suazo, Project Operations Lead for Bayer Medical highlighted, “Since first beginning operations in Costa Rica in 1978, Bayer has been proud of the dynamic and growing relationship that we have forged in the country, to enable and support goals of our healthcare and agriculture businesses.” After more than 40 years in the country, Bayer has established a medical devices manufacturing site, a Shared Services Center for the Americas and is expected to start production in its new pharmaceutical plant by 2024. “These positive experiences, coupled with continually growing capabilities within the country and ongoing strong private and public sector collaboration made Costa Rica a natural choice for our recent investment”, Suazo added.  
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