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Okay Industries reaches $3 mill. investment in complex metal components plant in Costa Rica

Okay Industries reaches $3 mill. investment in complex metal components plant in Costa Rica

San José, September 30th, 2015. The US company Okay Industries, from the advanced manufacturing sector, announced its expansion of operations in Costa Rica after investing US$640.000 in its manufacturing plant. This is the third investment the company makes in the country since its arrival in 2012.

Okay Industries is a world-class manufacturing company focused on high engineering metallic component manufacturing and assembly. Its competitiveness is based on design and complex metallic component manufacturing, and it has been its origin since more than 100 years ago.

The company’s General Manager in Costa Rica, Mario Chaves, said they went from being a company of six employees to 30 in three years of operation. They also went from making an initial investment of US$1 million to US$3 million.

The current payroll of Okay Industries includes 30 employees and, with this new investment, about 15 new jobs will be created.

Chaves explained that “technical staff is required for the mechanical precision area as well as process operators and manufacturing engineers”. Those interested may apply by entering the Web page:

Managing Director of the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), Jorge Sequeira, said “Okay Industries is a reflection of how companies grow due to the valuable contribution of the Costa Rican human talent shown in their production processes as well as their relations with clients. This company produces sophisticated pieces of technology for the high tech manufacturing industry, strengthening the existing clusters in the country”.

The company informed that its operations in Costa Rica grow thanks of the opportunities created by its local and international clients. “A very important aspect in our country operation’s growth is the quality of our human talent, capable of meeting the most strict quality standards”, concluded Chaves.

About Okay Industries
With more than 300 employees worldwide and 30 in Costa Rica, Okay Industries has become an important partner for main companies in the medical sector and other key sectors that require high standard quality and complex products.
Besides Costa Rica’s plant, Okay Industries has two more plants in Connecticut, United States, for a total of 16.000 m2.

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