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New Tegra Medical Building Expands Company’s Manufacturing Operations in Costa Rica

New Tegra Medical Building Expands Company’s Manufacturing Operations in Costa Rica

  • Growth is part of the company's plan to strengthen its metal forming and expand its clean rooms for molding and assembly.
  • The new plant marks a $13 million investment and is expected to hire approximately 75 employees. 
San José, Costa Rica. August 29, 2022. Tegra Medical, a leading medical device manufacturer and a member of SFS Group, which is headquartered in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, announced the purchase of a new building and, thus, the expansion of its manufacturing operations in Costa Rica.

The company states that its growth is rooted in the stability that Costa Rica offers investors, as well as the capacity of Costa Rican talent.

"Tegra Medical is committed to its Costa Rican operations. We appreciate the country's superb stability, highly educated workforce, and proximity to U.S. markets through efficient operations. It is an attractive location for supporting the global needs of leading medical device manufacturers," said Walter Kobler, CEO of Tegra Medical.

Upon acquiring the new space, which measures more than 7,800 m2 (84,000 ft2), Tegra Medical seeks to strengthen its metal forming operations and expand its clean rooms for molding and product assembly.

The new building is part of a $13 million investment and contributes to a total area of over 12,500 m2 (135,000 ft2), explained Sean Mikus, Tegra Medical General Manager in Costa Rica.

Manuel Tovar, the Minister of Foreign Trade, commented: “The medical device and precision equipment sector continues to strengthen its position as the country’s primary export engine; the sector represents 34% of total exports, according to the most recent information from PROCOMER. We recognize the contributions that companies like Tegra Medical make to these important numbers, and we celebrate their decision to continue growing here in Costa Rica. The company's newest $13 million investment serves to demonstrate that our country is an ideal life sciences location and a space where human talent, sustainability, and technology converge”.

The new production plant is located in Global Park in Heredia, close both to its previous buildings, as well as many other companies in Costa Rica's device subsector.

Jorge Sequeira, the Managing Director of CINDE, commented, “We are proud of Tegra Medical's decision to expand its medical device manufacturing operations in Costa Rica. Their decision is based on the pillars of our democracy, our proximity to primary markets, and, above all, the capacity of our human talent; these key factors have made medical devices to be our main export product with and more than $5.2 billion by the end of 2021.”

Tegra Medical has 75 open positions in various areas, such as: CNC machine operators, Molding operators, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers. Some of the positions the English language is preferred; interested parties may send a professional profile or résumé to