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National Instruments expands operations in Costa Rica

National Instruments expands operations in Costa Rica

• Professionals in Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical and Systems Engineering will be hired in the coming months.

San Jose, October 9, 2014. The American company National Instruments (NI) announced their expansion of operations in Costa Rica which will create up to 170 new jobs in areas such as applications engineering, internal sales, customer service, marketing, among others. Growth will provide job opportunities for professionals in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical and Systems Engineering.

The Operations Centre of NI Costa Rica expands its infrastructure to continue to support customers throughout the Americas and global support functions of the company.

During a visit to the new premises of the company located in Heredia, in the free zone Ultrapark II, Vice President of the Republic, Ana Helena Chacón said that "the growth of NI in Costa Rica generates about 170 new high quality jobs, which is in line with the Government's objectives for opening competitive workplaces for Costa Ricans thanks to the contribution that multinational companies make through FDI (foreign direct investment). We thank NI for trusting Costa Rica and expanding their operations, "she said.

NI General Manager, Carlos Rios, said that "the talent found in Costa Rica and the good results obtained during the last three years, lead us to expand the infrastructure of our Operations Center to better support our customers across the Americas and continue to support the global operations of the company."

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, John Fonseca, confirmed that "National Instruments gives us great news by expanding its operations in the country, having as one of the main reasons the excellent human talent that is here. Our main goal for the coming years in the Ministry of Foreign Trade is that we achieve bringing, through CINDE, more job opportunities to other areas of the country. "

The Director General of CINDE, Jorge Sequeira, said "exports of value-added services increased from 12.1% in 1999 to 49% in 2013. This, due to the advance that services companies have had in the country which now execute more sophisticated processes. Costa Rica is becoming more attractive for knowledge-intensive activities and only in the last year 2013, another 4,300 high-quality jobs were created for the service industry."