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NACS Inc. Announces Investment in Costa Rica, Offering Automation Solutions for Tech Manufacturers

NACS Inc. Announces Investment in Costa Rica, Offering Automation Solutions for Tech Manufacturers

San José, September 8, 2020. Multinational business enterprise, the Burke Porter Group – dedicated to offering automation solutions to industrial companies – announced through its affiliate company, NACS Inc., that it has chosen Costa Rica as a site to expand its operations. The company will be headquartered in the Green Park Free Zone, in Coyol, Alajuela.

For years, the company has maintained commercial relationships with several medical device manufacturing companies located within Costa Rica, which ultimately motivated NACS Inc. to invest locally in a plant that would allow the company to more quickly meet demand and personalize solutions to customer needs.

From Costa Rica, NACS Inc. will design and produce equipment that empowers companies – especially those in the medical device sector – to automate their transactional processes and focus human talent on processes of greater added value. Additionally, the company is positioned to provide similar automation solutions to other production industries.

The company has already invested about US$1 million, announcing its initial stages and the first round of hiring; considerable growth is expected over the short term.

For Duayner Salas, the Acting Minister of Foreign Trade, this newest investment reaffirms Costa Rica as a stable and attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI), which is advancing in global value chains (GVCs). He stated, “NACS’ investment promotes Costa Rica’s insertion into the knowledge economy and helps us move towards increasingly complex goods and services¬ – two goals that we have set for our investment policy. In a generalized context of reduced FDI flows, we celebrate NACS’ arrival and the work of CINDE, as they help establish Costa Rica as a stable business partner, conducive to FDI and with a broad potential in GVCs."

Robert Doty, director of NACS’s Costa Rica operations, commented, “We are excited to bring the NACS brand to Costa Rica and to continue supporting our existing clients while expanding into the life sciences sector. We hope to continue creating high-value jobs in Costa Rica, and strengthening our brand to succeed both now and in coming years.”

Jorge Sequeira Picado, Managing Director of CINDE, stated, “According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, Latin American countries are poised for great opportunity in the next decade, to take advantage of nearshoring processes from US companies. In the case of Costa Rica, we have proven over time to be a strategic partner in the relocation of supply chains. Case in point: NACS has identified a business opportunity in opening operations locally, manufacturing state-of-the-art tech equipment to empower automation processes, and positively influencing production and delivery times for the more than 70 companies that comprise the life sciences sector – the same companies that primarily export medical device products to the US and that today, are the top Costa Rican export product.”

The company will hire technical personnel who display a strong command of the English language and who have experience in the field of manufacturing medical devices. Available positions will extend to precision mechanics, control electricians, mechanical and control engineers, and administrative personnel.

Applicants interested in open positions may apply via email to

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