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Megaminds in Megatrends 2023: The event that will mark the future of the global economy

Megaminds in Megatrends 2023: The event that will mark the future of the global economy

  •  The event will feature the participation of world-renowned experts such as Olivia White, Henrick Von Scheel, George Zarkadakis, Alex Capri, and other global executives from companies such as Akamai, EndeavorXR, Medtronic, and Intel. 

San Jose, Costa Rica. April 27, 2023. This coming June 1st & 2nd, Costa Rica will be the epicenter of one of the year’s most important meetings on foreign direct investment and megatrends in the global economy.

The event, Megaminds in Megatrends 2023, organized by CINDE, the world’s top foreign investment promotion agency, will bring together leading businesspeople, investors, academia thought leaders and experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities that will determine the course of business in upcoming years.

With a wide range of topics on the agenda, attendees will be able to learn first-hand about the latest trends and outlooks in key areas such as Web 3.0, global value chains, innovation, sustainability, and health, sharing best practices as well as the challenges and opportunities that can improve competitiveness.

“This will be the second edition of Megaminds in Megatrends and therefore an extremely valuable, one-of-a-kind opportunity to have world experts and leaders together in the same place discussing the challenges and opportunities that will mark the course of business in the short term. Costa Rica is an example of how countries can adapt to changes in the environment and take advantage of mega-trend opportunities to drive economic growth and sustainability,” said Pilar Madrigal, Director of Investment Advisory of CINDE.

Noteworthy topics to be addressed include the following:

WEB 3.0: A mega trend that puts the global economy at a crossroads for both people and companies, this is the next generation of the web that will focus on decentralization, privacy, and security, posing challenges for countries’ regulatory systems, job transformation, and the proper dimension of social roles.

Inclusive development: How can future business, specifically economic development, consider all people and communities, regardless of their gender, race, ethnic origin, or economic situation? What new opportunities can arise from this new focus?

Future of manufacturing: How can advanced manufacturing have a strong impact on society and the economy through the use of technologies that improve manufacturing process quality and efficiency?

Health and wellbeing: this panel will discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in this industry in high demand. How can Costa Rica serve as a global hub where solutions can be developed to serve societies?

“Megaminds is the perfect arena for discussing the impact of Industry 4.0 and how it is changing every aspect of human experience. It is unfolding in eight evolutionary stages that fundamentally change the way we live, consume, work, and relate to one another. Industry 4.0 will transform every aspect of the Costa Rican economy, every industry, and all aspects of society on a scale and complexity never before seen,” noted Henrik von Scheel, an expert recognized internationally as the originator of Industry 4.0., and guest speaker for the event.

Costa Rica: How is it enhancing its competitiveness and how is it inserting itself in the current and coming megatrends?

With web 3.0, Costa Rica has a golden opportunity to set up consolidated cybersecurity hubs, since it has already accumulated major cybersecurity operations and can therefore replicate best practices for use within the country in support of the trends.

Moreover, specifically for health & wellbeing, Costa Rica, with one of world’s most remarkable blue zones, is already an incubator for solutions targeted at this sector that, together with the presence of 14 of the world’s 30 leading medical device companies, open development possibilities in new sectors.

The multinational companies are rethinking and redefining their market positioning, while the country is facing the challenge of staying in line with new FDI flows. At the same time, sophisticated processes are already being developed on Costa Rican territory thanks to nearshoring, talent, and innovation.

Costa Rica is a popular destination for advanced manufacturing, especially in the medical device industry, which not only ranks it among the top five attractive countries for projects of this type but also accounts for the country’s main export product. An opportunity exists to adopt more technologies in this industry, thereby strengthening Costa Rica’s leadership.

“Costa Rica has a vibrant ecosystem and steadily growing economic sectors that give it the lead in attracting international FDI projects. Its leadership is driven by its capacity for innovation, its compactness as a country, and the quality of its talent, as well as by being one of the most competitive economies in Latin America, home to companies engaging in processes of global service and impact,” added Madrigal.

Megaminds in Megatrends will be held in the Costa Rican Convention Center. More than 500 people are expected to attend, with 18 international experts and a unique opportunity to network. Those who are interested can purchase their tickets on the event’s official website,

For more information on Megaminds in Megatrends 2023, visit the event’s official website or contact us through

CINDE is a Costa Rican agency that has been attracting foreign direct investment to Costa Rica for more than 40 years. It has a history of support for more than 400 multinational companies that have set up in Costa Rica in manufacturing, services, life sciences, and tourism infrastructure. A private, non-political agency declared of public interest; CINDE has been ranked by the International Trade Cent