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Intel Costa Rica Donates $70,000 in the Fight Against COVID-19

Intel Costa Rica Donates $70,000 in the Fight Against COVID-19

*Article originally published by INTEL Costa Rica

• The company will also donate 16,000 surgical masks and 1,500 N95 masks to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS)
• An Intel Corporation initiative will distribute similar aid in countries where Intel maintains a significant presence.

May 12, 2020. Intel Costa Rica, with the support of the Intel Foundation, donated $70,000 to the National Emergency Commission (CNE by its Spanish acronym). The donation represents the company’s strong commitment to supporting Costa Rica in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

“The Intel Foundation is committed to improving lives around the world and to supporting communities during world crises and natural disasters. With this donation, we hope to contribute to the CNE’s efforts to help people who have been affected in one way or another by this pandemic,” said Timothy Scott Hall, Manager of Government Affairs and Public Relations at Intel Costa Rica.
This donation is possible thanks to an initiative by the Intel Corporation, which also plans to distribute similar aid in other countries where it maintains a significant presence.

Alexander Solís Delgado, President of the CNE, thanked Intel Costa Rica for its donation, which, as an act of solidarity, contributes resources to the aid fund earmarked to help families severely impacted by the emergency. "This union between the public and private sectors will be key to keep Costa Rica moving forward," he added.

The donation to the CNE will be distributed via the Business Development Alliance (AED).

"At AED, we are committed to joining and being an ally to the COVID-19 national response team. We have spearheaded a training, communication, and business information space on the subject, and, in addition, we promote donation campaigns to better our national response to the pandemic. We know that the National Emergency Commission is leading important efforts to strengthen the country's resilience to this situation, which is why we applaud Intel’s donation, which will boost the work of the CNE. Together, we can face this pandemic," commented Olga Sauma, Executive Director of AED.

Additional Aid for the Health Authorities
Intel Costa Rica also donated 16,000 surgical masks and 1,500 N95 masks to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), for the protection of health personnel station at various medical centers throughout the country.

This donation comes in addition to a previous donation of 6,000 masks, which was made several weeks ago, and to add support efforts that will be announced soon.