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Information Technology Firm Newfire chooses Costa Rica for its First Expansion in Latin America with more than 100 Employees

Information Technology Firm Newfire chooses Costa Rica for its First Expansion in Latin America with more than 100 Employees

  • The U.S. company has openings in areas such as scrum master, Java developer, React developer, DevOps, and AQA.
  • New Costa Rican hires will work in multinational teams on digital health and educational technology projects, predominantly for customers headquartered in the U.S.
  • Costa Rica leads in per capita exports of information technology services in Latin America with nearly 43% more exports than its closest regional competitor.
San Jose, Costa Rica. May 26, 2022. Leading information technology firm, Newfire Global Partners has announced its first expansion in Latin America located in Costa Rica.

The Boston-based U.S. company chose Costa Rica as its first approach to the Latin American market and expects to invest $5 million this year in developing its operations.

“We saw tremendous potential in Costa Rica as a country with an educated workforce, friendly business environment, clear benefits and incentives for team members, a high level of professionalism that matches our company’s culture, and a public administration committed to encouraging foreign direct investment.

Finally, the Costa Rican central time zone is ideal for real-time collaboration with our customers, most of whom are in the United States,” explained Stephen Hau, CEO of Newfire Global.

At present the company has more than 30 employees and plans to triple this number before the end of 2022. The new hires will join multinational teams that primarily support the U.S. market in sectors such as digital health, educational technology, and other services aimed at underserved populations. The company also provides support to customers in Europe and South America.

According to Foreign Trade Minister Manuel Tovar, “In recent years the digital technology industry has proven to be one of the most active sectors, which despite the pandemic has grown steadily thanks to global trends. Costa Rica has demonstrated its leadership in hosting companies with digital technology operations, and that is why we are celebrating Newfire Global’s choice of us for its first offices in Latin America, where 100 new Costa Rican employees will be taking part in its operations. We are reaffirming that the Ministry of Foreign Trade will continue to push for the tools needed to develop technology professionals, thereby continuing to contribute to the growth of this pivotal sector here in this country.”

For his part, CINDE Managing Director Jorge Sequeira added, “We are honored that Newfire Global would choose our country for developing its first operation in Latin America and serving the most demanding markets from here. The digital technologies subsector employs more than 27,500 people, according to the figures for last year, and it is precisely this talent that enables Costa Rica to lead the region’s exports in these services with $243 million per million inhabitants - that is, some 43% more than its closest competitor in Latin America.”

Newfire Global seeks profiles for carrying out challenging and innovative projects in areas such as scrum master, Java developer, React developer, DevOps, and AQA, complemented by soft skills for delivering strategic advisory to its customers. Those interested can apply on the website

Notable among the benefits offered by the company are its remote work from home policy and an office exchange program whereby employees from anywhere in the world can transfer temporarily and work at any of its global offices. The company also offers private medical insurance coverage, enrollment fee reimbursement and budgets for professional development courses, and flexible hours.

Newfire has operations on four continents and offices in Boston; Palo Alto, California; Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine; Split and Osijek in Croatia; Calgary, Canada; Hong Kong; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore; and now San José, Costa Rica.

About Newfire Global Partners
Founded in 2016, Newfire is a technology services leader with operations around the world covering four continents and eight countries. “New” + “Fire” is for innovative technology related to fire, which was humanity’s first technology.

In 2022 the company maintained stellar growth while senior teams worked remotely around the world helping health and education customers navigate the unprecedented global pandemic by developing customized software solutions adapted to specific business needs.

With headquarters in the U.S., Newfire’s first global offices were opened in Ukraine. By 2019, the company had expanded its global operations by opening offices in Croacia, Canada, and recently Costa Rica.