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G.W. Lisk Company Acquires Tico Electronics

G.W. Lisk Company Acquires Tico Electronics

Clifton Springs, New York, December 4, 2022. G.W. Lisk Company, a global leader in engineered solutions for aerospace, defense, on highway, oil and gas and mobile industrial hydraulics, announced today the acquisition of Tico Electronics, a Costa Rican manufacturer specializing in complex assemblies including wire windings, cable harnesses, and other electro-mechanical solutions.

Tico’s history of focusing on difficult assemblies that require both machine and highly skilled labor will support Lisk’s continued desire to meet the needs of their customers across a variety of industries.

“The complementary nature of capability and employee talent will enhance our opportunities to serve our customers” said, G.W. Lisk Company president and CEO, Ed Maier. “Tico Electronics will continue to build on Lisk’s strong reputation of high quality and high-performance products”.

Tico Electronics will continue to operate independently as a division of G.W. Lisk Company. Members of the Tico Electronics executive team will work alongside G.W. Lisk Company to realize the benefits of this business combination. Tico Electronics’ managing director, Marko Mileta, commented “Tico Electronics is excited to join G.W. Lisk. We believe our strengths are very complementary to G.W. Lisk’s product, technology and customer base”.

“The acquisition made by Lisk Company demonstrates the excellent work and track record of Tico Electronics over the years, focused on assemblies that serve very demanding, specialized, and high-level knowledge industries. This process also represents the opportunity for Costa Ricans to enhance their skills and, with this, Costa Rica continues to be recognized as a place from where high-value goods are exported in the electrical and electronics sector, which, according to Procomer data, so far this year, exports have exceeded $333 million,” said Pilar Madrigal, director of investment advisory at CINDE.

In addition, Madrigal added, "We are excited to accompany Lisk on this journey, trusting in the development of the company and its clients, hand in hand with Costa Rican talent."

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About G.W.Lisk Company
G.W. Lisk Company is a global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered solutions including electrical actuators, solenoids, solenoid valves, linear and rotary position sensors, and flame arrestors. We serve hundreds of customers in diverse markets throughout the world with market-leading solutions enabled by our extensive design, test and manufacturing capabilities. For more information about G.W. Lisk Company visit

About Tico Electronics
Tico Electronics is a contract manufacturer specializing in complex assemblies that require both machining and highly skilled labor. We provide wire windings, cable harnesses, other electromechanical solutions, and machining to our customers in a variety of industries including aerospace, medical, industrial, alternative energy and more. For more information about Tico Electronics visit