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Encore Capital opens new facility as part of the Tech City initiative in San Jose, Costa Rica

Encore Capital opens new facility as part of the Tech City initiative in San Jose, Costa Rica

• MCM plans to hire more than 100 people this year
• The company renovated 3,800 square meters of offices in the new location
• MCM offers debt recovery solutions for consumers in the United States and Puerto Rico

San Jose, May 13, 2019. Midland Credit Management (MCM), a subsidiary of U.S.-based Encore Capital Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ECPG), inaugurated new offices in Costa Rica on Monday. The company will move its operations to the former Yaohan building near the Technological City of San José, Costa Rica.

MCM arrived in Costa Rica in 2012 after an extensive site search across Latin America. The team began with 15 people and has grown to 330 employees, with plans to hire over 100 more people this year. The MCM Costa Rica team helps consumers in the United States and Puerto Rico recover from financial difficulty and turn toward a path of economic empowerment.

"The inauguration of the new MCM offices represents an extremely important step for Costa Rica, but especially for San José and the City of TEC. The arrival of leading companies, such as MCM, boosts the technology industry in the capital and positions the country as a regional leader in quality, efficiency and innovation. But, the most important thing is that today we celebrate many opportunities for wellbeing and growth for our population, especially for our young adults. In recent years, the company has grown from 15 to 330 employees and we expect them to continue growing. They have our support, we will continue working to cultivate the synergy of growth and mutual development, "said Minister of Foreign Trade, Dyalá Jiménez.

"This opening underscores our company’s commitment to Costa Rica. We are MCM’s only Latin America location because of the stability offered by the free zones, the great socioeconomic climate and the talent that can be found here. Additionally, the central location of our new offices allows for more sustainable commuting by our employees, who can now bike to work or use the train or bus. They will also have easy access to La Sabana Park to use as a recreation area", said Amene Ayub, General Manager of MCM Costa Rica.

The Municipality of San Jose has led initiatives to attract investment to the capital city, working to make it a true destination rather than simply a transit route.

The Mayor of San José, Johnny Araya mentioned "this inauguration opens the doors for more companies to settle in the capital, this is important to develop a regenerative economy, with a view to making it a friendly urban habitat with the undertakings linked with the services and, above all, with the new information and communication technologies. For this reason, the installation of this company in the city is a reason for enthusiasm, because we take another step, as a society, in the right direction, so that our urban spaces are more livable, competitive, modern and sustainable ".

The General Director of CINDE, Jorge Sequeira, commented: "Companies like MCM have allowed services exports, excluding tourism, to reach US $ 5,260 million last year; they have grown 6 times more since 2000. This company trusted Costa Rica as a strategic partner to consolidate its operations, with a positive impact on the generation of employment. At the end of 2018, more than 3,000 people found quality employment, thanks to companies in the service sector to which MCM belongs. "

The new building has two outdoor terraces, three recreation rooms, training areas and space for 500 employees. The parking tower is currently being completed. Institutions such as the Municipality of San Jose, CINDE and the Crestones Real Estate Fund joined efforts to demonstrate the benefits the capital offers for investment. MCM’s offices were formerly in the free zone in Heredia.

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Encore Capital Group is an international specialty finance company that provides debt recovery solutions and other related services across a broad range of financial assets. Through its subsidiaries around the globe, Encore purchases or services portfolios of receivables from major banks, credit unions and utility providers.

Headquartered in San Diego, Encore is a publicly traded NASDAQ Global Select company (ticker symbol: ECPG) and a component stock of the Russell 2000, the Sandamp;P Small Cap 600 and the Wilshire 4500. More information about the company can be found at More information about the Company’s Midland Credit Management subsidiary can be found at More information about the Company's Cabot Credit Management subsidiary can be found at Information found on the company’s, MCM’s, or Cabot’s website is not incorporated by reference.

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