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CooperVision invests USD $58 million in a manufacturing center in Costa Rica

CooperVision invests USD $58 million in a manufacturing center in Costa Rica

CooperVision, a US company invested US$58 million in manufacturing center for everyday use silicone lenses.

It projects reaching 550 employees over the next five years.

Coyol, Alajuela, June 15th, 2016. CooperVision, an American leading soft contact lenses manufacturer, opened its new manufacturing facility, today in Coyol of Alajuela, where it will produce and distribute -in the beginning to the Americas and then the rest of the world- it silicone lenses line for everyday use.

The opening of the plant required an investment of more than US$58 million and 250 employees are currently working in it. The company plans to reach a payroll of 550 people over the next five years.

The inauguration was attended by Luis Paulino Mora, Deputy Minister of the Presidency; John Fonseca, a.i. Minister of Foreign Trade, CINDE executives and senior representatives of the company.

Jhon Fonseca, the a.i. Minister of Foreign Trade, stated he was pleased by the start of CooperVision operations in Costa Rica and stressed the importance of the project and its high potential to generate employment opportunities in the country. "Only in the pre-start of their operation, CooperVision has already managed to recruit a large number of employees for its new plant, and projects a growth that evidences many more opportunities for future development. With its investment it is reaffirming the attractiveness of the country, remaining as the preferred location by many companies to develop their production processes site. We appreciate the trust. "

In the new manufacturing center-which has an area of over 9,000 square meters- Clariti 1 Day contact lenses from CooperVision are manufactured, a healthier alternative to contact lenses, because they contain silicone hydrogel and water, which allows the eyes to stay moist and comfortable throughout the day.

On the other hand, Fernando Torre, Chief Operations Officer at CoooperVision globally, explained that the company has increased its production volume in recent years, due to an increased demand for contact lenses globally and the good performance of their collaborators.

"The excellent work developed by engineers, technicians and workers at CooperVision has generated a positive impact on the market, boosting the growth of the company. Right now we are at a point where we need to increase our investment and expand staff and we have chosen Costa Rica for it, "Torre said.

According to Rolando Torres, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations for America in CooperVision, the decision to install a new manufacturing plant in Latin America (the first was Puerto Rico) and specifically in Coyol was carried out following an intense process of analysis of economic, social and productive characteristics of the country and community.

The executive highlighted the good performance of Costa Rica in elements such as political stability, qualified human talent, cultural openness, proximity and ease to support, competitive conditions and strategic location, where a consolidated presence of important life sciences companies is already established.

More job opportunities in Alajuela

With the opening of this new manufacturing center, CooperVision seeks to create job opportunities that benefit residents of surrounding areas with easy access to Coyol.

Jorge Sequeira, the Managing Director of CINDE, said "The quality of Costa Rican human talent allows companies in the Life Sciences sector to perform complex processes and meet the highest standards of quality worldwide. In Costa Rica, some 19,000 people have quality and well-paid jobs by these companies and it is estimated that 10,000 women, many of them heads of household, work in this sector. CooperVision today announced that it will continue to grow in the coming years which will result in more employment opportunities for Costa Ricans.

Those wishing to apply for open positions in different areas at CooperVision can visit or

About CooperVision

CooperVision was founded in 1980 and is part of the parent company The Cooper Companies Inc., specialized in the development of medical products.

Currently, the corporation operates through two business units: CooperVision and CooperSurgical. CooperVision is a leading manufacturer of contact lenses and related products and services. CooperSurgical focuses on providing physicians the market leading products and treatment options for health care of women.

Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, The Cooper Companies has approximately 10,000 employees and places its products in more than 100 countries around the world. CooperVision's global sales account for over 80% of the revenue of The Cooper Companies.

CooperVision is the third largest manufacturer of contact lenses, with a global market share of 22%. CooperVision provides the best products in its class competing in the main modalities with advanced materials, including silicone hydrogel brands MyDay®, Biofinity® and Avaira®. Within its portfolio of contact lenses are spherical lenses (to correct common visual defects), toric lenses (to correct astigmatism) and multifocal lenses (for presbyopia).

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