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CINDE Designates Positions on Its Board of Directors

CINDE Designates Positions on Its Board of Directors

San José, March 14, 2024. On Thursday, the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (CINDE) confirmed the organization's Board of Directors, as part of the annual process stipulated in its bylaws.

The appointments took place following a General Assembly of the Association, held on March 13, during which members were selected to comprise the Board of Directors. Today saw the appointment of specific positions during the first session of the Board's term, in accordance with CINDE's internal regulations.

The Board of Directors is comprised of:

- Fernando Cruz Van der laat, President
- Rosalía Morales Acosta, Vice-President
- Javier Sancho Guevara, Treasurer
- Shannon Music Gamboa, Secretary
- Amadeo Quirós Martén, Director 1
- Ileana Gamboa Herrera, Director 2
- Eduardo Artavia Cuadra, Director 3
- Eric Scharf Taitelbaum, Honorary President
- Luis Gamboa Arguedas, Honoray President
- Dyalá Jiménez Figueres, Controller

Fernando Cruz, who formerly served as Vice President of the Board of Directors, will now assume the position of President. Previously, the position was held by Eric Scharf, who led the institution during a five-year term. During his tenure, Scharf made significant contributions during CINDE's recent period of transformation and planning, playing a key role in the institution's developmental impact.

Cruz holds a Master's degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and International Business from George Mason University, as well as a Master's degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Costa Rica, where he also completed his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. Additionally, he participated in the Senior Management Program at IPADE and was awarded the Fulbright scholarship to pursue his studies abroad.

His career has led him to leadership roles at companies specializing in the logistics field with international reach, with a strong emphasis on financial management and administration, overseeing regional teams.

The new President of CINDE commented, “My mission will be to support the organization (an expert consultancy in investment and talent development) in its new strategic vision and in strengthening the impact that the institution creates for Costa Rica. This includes areas such as promoting specialized human talent, CINDE's expert services in attracting and fostering investment, business development for both multinational and national companies, productive linkages, and discussing mega trends and opportunities for the country.”

During the CINDE Associates Assembly, the strengthened organization reaffirmed its commitment to continue in collaboration with Costa Rica, working as a guide in the development and growth of business, the ecosystem, and Costa Rican talent.

CINDE is Costa Rica’s expert foreign investment agency. Declared of public interest, over its 42 years the non-profit agency has helped attract some 430 multinational companies and create some 181,000 direct jobs in this country. CINDE’s services include analysis and assistance to investors during their decision-making and setup processes, as well as help with their reinvestment and growth strategies.