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Are you Passionate About Video Games? CSS Corp is Offering Jobs for Gamers Who Want to Serve as Masters for Other Players

Are you Passionate About Video Games? CSS Corp is Offering Jobs for Gamers Who Want to Serve as Masters for Other Players

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, Sept. 28, 2017. CSS Corp. the multinational company from the services sector is looking for gamers with good proficiency in English and enthusiasm for video games, who want to work and earn money by helping others video gamers in the United States.

The company is hiring personnel to fill 30 job positions and announces its intention to add more job positions for gamers in the short term

The desired candidates for the company are those video games fans, with a bilingual profile, willing to work helping other gamers in the technical support department, as well teaching them new skills on video games.

The company is also seeking candidates for additional job positions with German, Portuguese or French skills.

Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade and Chairman of Procomer's Board of Directors, mentioned, "the disruptive tendencies, mostly associated with the ongoing technological revolution, are responsible for drastically transforming economies, productive sectors and companies. Gradually, they impact and change ways in production, labor and professional activities. In this context, the multimedia sector (video games sub-sector) is no exception. Nowadays, this industry has evolved radically, diversifying its range thanks to the accelerated advances of mobile platforms and other technologies, such as design tools, design techniques and virtual reality".

"Thanks to our good investment climate and qualified human talent, Costa Rica offers companies, such as CSS Corp., a robust eco-systemic capable of offering high value-added services and complementing widely and solidly the strategies of global companies. CSS Corp has integrated the Costa Rican operation in its value chain aggressively, growing and hiring more Costa Ricans in that process, "concluded Minister Mora.

Adolfo Bonilla, Site Head of CSS Corp in Costa Rica sees this line of business as a great opportunity for both the firm and the country. 'There is a boom out there in the video gaming industry and we at CSS Corp believe that Costa Rica has the right combination of human talent, multilingual capabilities, passion and knowledge to create and offer from our country the best possible customer experience for our clients worldwide. This is a line of business on the rise, that will definitely come to create more jobs in the country, playing a key role in our growth plans.

The Managing Director of CINDE, Jorge Sequeira, stated that "the video game industry offers to Costa Rica an interesting window of opportunity. CINDE has visualized it as one of the new subsectors with huge investment potential and this announcement is proof of that. There are a lot of young people and adults who are currently preparing on IT areas related to this industry, which has allowed them to develop interesting expertise, very valuable for companies of this sector. It is an industry with great growth potential, thanks to our human talent capabilities".

The gamers interested in applying for a position within the company can submit their resume to the email address

By the end of the year, CSS Corp has estimated reaching out a payroll of 300 people in all its services operations currently active in the country.

About CSS Corp

CSS Corp is a global leader in providing IT Services and Technology Support solutions. The company harnesses the power of automation, analytics and digital technologies to address specific customer engagement needs. The company partners with Fortune 1000 companies to help realize their strategic business outcomes and be future-ready. The company's team of 5,500 technology professionals across 16 global locations are passionate about helping customers succeed in their businesses.

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