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AKAMAI Inaugurates Operations Site in Costa Rica and Announces 50 New Jobs

AKAMAI Inaugurates Operations Site in Costa Rica and Announces 50 New Jobs

San Jose, March 29, 2016. The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), the Ministry of Foreign Trade (COMEX) and the multinational technology services company AKAMAI, announced yesterday the new expansion of the company in Costa Rica and the opening of a modern site for its Excellence Center for Services and Support.

The company is globally known for offering one of the main platforms in the cloud to help companies offer safe and high performance user experiences in any device, anywhere in the world. AKAMAI has experienced a constant growth in the country since its arrival in 2012.

Its Excellence Center began operations four years ago with only six people. In March 2015 the company announced it had reached 100 employees and 60 new potential jobs. Today, with its CEO visit, Tom Leighton, AKAMAI inaugurates its new and modern site in Lindora Park with a total of 198 existing jobs and a new projection of over 50 more by the end of 2016.

“Our Excellence Center in Costa Rica has demonstrated that our country has high potential in its technical talent in the services area. Our operations growth since 2012 responds to a great source of talent in the country and, at the same time, to the perseverance and passion that our workers demonstrate in harvesting abilities that position them as experts in the industry of content distribution network. We are committed to continue growing and to make this possible we want to participate in the development of opportunities for future employees; we trust that our alliance with CINDE will help us accomplish this” said Daniel Coto, Director of Akamai Costa Rica.

AKAMAI’s platform offers between 15% and 30% of the world’s web traffic, ensuring companies that use it, that their users will perform transactions (download videos and music, online shopping and data transfer, for example) that are safe, fast and comfortable in any device and from any place in the world.

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Alexander Mora, was pleased with the announcement of AKAMAI’s operations expansion in the country. “This announcement, once again, highlights the dynamic growth of the Services Sector in Costa Rica, and the advantageous platform that the country offers to firms from this sector to successfully do so. The Government is committed to continue working in generating new quality job opportunities for Costa Ricans as well as improving conditions in order to facilitate the training of more and better professionals capable to take advantage and maximize these opportunities”.

AKAMAI’s Excellence Center for Services and Support in Costa Rica is their main site for client support in Latin America and is one of their strategic operations in the Americas.

"Costa Rica has become a key part of the high innovation and technology services proposition of AKAMAI for its clients in Latin America, one of the fastest growing markets in the use of its technology platform. From its services center in the country, a group of 200 Costa Ricans support technical processes to improve web environments for enterprise customers of AKAMAI, achieving a high security, easy to access, fast and reliable advanced web performance. It is estimated that the Akamai platform provides more than 2 trillion daily online interactions, which clearly demonstrates the importance of the company and also the ability of Costa Rica to host an operation of such value to a technology leader like this, "said the Managing Director of CINDE, Jorge Sequeira.

AKAMAI has Excellence Centers for Service and Support in each of its three main markets: the Americas, the Asia-Pacific and Japan region (APJ) and Europe, the Middle East and Africa region (EMEA).


Those interested in applying for a job position at AKAMAI can visit Professional and technical profiles with knowledge in fundamentals of internet functions are required.

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