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Seguros Confía

Specialized insurance advice: CONFIA is an insurance brokerage company regulated by SUGESE, license 10-105.   We have a business structure with a division in property & casualty insurance, employee benefits, and affinity.  Our team will offer expert advice to multinational companies.

Employee Benefits: Connect with your people when it matters most. 

Now more than ever, your distributed workforce relies on your company to get the employee experience right.   CONFIA helps you care for them with high-value health and wellbeing programs this moment calls for.
We are proud to deliver human-centric solutions that give your people and their families the best and most complete benefits experience with visibility, control and flexibility they need to easily manage it all.

When they need it most, we will:

  1. Getting to see the right doctor at the right time
  2. Manage a financial strategy to achieve their retirement goals
  3. Support their emotional wellbeing and mental health
We are an extension of your HR team. We can help you with competitive compliant plans. We work closely with insurance carriers a broad range of benefits choices. We will make recommendations to create and integrated comprehensive employee benefits solution matching your unique organization.  We have experienced, engaged and empowered associates to work with your team. We offer a benefit review, audit, comparative market analysis and risk financing options.   
As an extension of HR, we will: enhance your employees' benefits management, deliver data analytics and wellness services, improve employee communication, and file all claims with our team of experts.

We have discount cards for our customers in hospitals, gyms, pharmacies, car repair shops, and more.

Benefits technology tools:  you will have access to our online data management tools, you will be able to access your insurance conditions, list of insurers, claims, and invoices.  With this information, you will be able to identify trends, high-cost claims, and utilization patterns. Data can be used to help drive the risk reduction process.
A customized portal designed for easy access.  Since your employees will be able to conduct online searches on their own (if they have any questions or doubts), your HR staff will spend less time answering questions.

Employee Communication:
an important part of our strategy is to train employees so they take advantage of their own benefits package. 

We will gather information and provide in-depth recommendations on how you can benchmark your company’s benefits package.  We will also provide a profile of the best carriers to assist you in the selection process.

Surveys: Employees will respond to our online surveys.

Digital Media:
CONFIA will notify employees of open enrollments through emails, videos, webinars, QR codes, Internet platforms, and mobile applications.

Our experience in the free zone: We have more than 10 years serving multinational companies with an important client portfolio. 
Confia brings it all together
-          Modern plataform
-          Strategic Guidance
-          People first community

Global benefits: Active in 130 countries, we offer unparalleled expertise in expanding your workforce and coordinating your benefits programs around the world
HR and payroll Outsourcing: You can get a rich benefits package rarely attainable by small companies and a dedicated HR and payroll Team son you can redirect your energy and resources to what matters most.
Focus on your business goals while we take the lead on payroll and tax execution. 
Risk management: Together we assess the risk your business is facing , anticipate future risk and develop a plan that protect your company and your people.


  • First Place General Insurances ASSA Compañía de Seguros, 2014 - 2020
  • First Place Qualitas Insurances, 2021 - 2014 
  • Second Place Qualitas Insurances, 2015 - 2019

  • First Place MINIMED Panamerican Life Insurace
    Panamerican Insurance
  • First Place Reinsurance SAGICOR Costa Rica, 2020
  • Third Place Personal Insurances Instituto Nacional de Seguros
  • First Place MAPFRE, 2018 & 2020

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