SPS Security

The essence of SPS Security is our team, making us the reliable partner to secure your assets, protect your employees and ensure the well-being of your customers. We operate under a robust structure with processes and controls that ensure the safety of all of our clients. 

From the first moment we establish a constant and fluid communication channel to attend to all the needs and eventualities of the day to day operation.These key elements have allowed us to be in the Costa Rican market for 15 years with a solid portfolio of clients.


Our core team has been trained alongside the best security and intelligence advisers in the world: Israeli Security. Our main trainer, M.I.P. Security, offers its services to the Israeli Government, among others, implementing comprehensive security projects at all levels. In addition, it offers its security services around the world to large corporations and banking institutions.


We implement specialized surveillance techniques by experts in the field, experts who are characterized as people with a great sense of integrity, commitment, and responsibility. In addition to being proactive professionals with a strong service orientation.


We build a direct relationship with each client, in order to offer a service based on specific needs. In addition, we are in a continuous process of inspection in order to ensure its quality and build a higher level of security until reaching standards of excellence.


• Prevention of illegal acts.

• Administrative controls of personnel.

• Custody of physical assets while in route.

• Control of vehicular and pedestrian access.

• Bilingual receptionist with security training.

• Surveillance during the supply and cargo dispatch.

• Closed circuit TV control.

• Monitoring alarmed signals.

• Support with social distancing policies.

• Ensure health protocols are followed. 

• Clients’ monitoring rooms management.

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