Invest with Purpose


Our success in the past 24 years is ascribed to our unique ability to connect with our Clients on all levels and serve them as a one stop shop for all Payroll Services and Workforce Solutions.

SCP has Clients in several industries such as shared services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life science, manufacturers, software, hardware, contact centers, and start-ups. 

Our diverse clientele grants us unique and diverse insight into many industries.  This allows us to properly allocate our resources to ensure we meet every professional need. 

Our experts work with multinationals from all over the world and know how to transform your needs and requirements into effective solutions throughout the Region.
  • Workforce: We have extensive experience in pairing the ideal talent for the attributes of your desired profile for both temporary and permanent positions.  We find ideal candidate on all levels, including executive search, mass recruitment, administrative shared service and technical sourcing.
  • Payroll Management: We guarantee a simple, automated process with optimal cyber security to create a reliable business continuity plan to ensure both you and the employees are satisfied 
  • Third Party Payment: We manage payment procedures in the Region as well as provide you the option of having a local representative process payment in your absence.  
  • HR and Legal Advice: We have an in-house legal team dedicated to assisting you in developing labor contracts, modify handbooks and answer any questions you have regarding labor regulations in our region. Additionally, we ensure the onboarding or terminations process occurs seamlessly both for your benefit and the benefit of the employees. 

Today we are partners of CINDE, ADP, BritCham and Amcham as well as registered with SUGEF.

We look forward to helping you optimize your HR and Payroll process and needs so that you can focus on your business.
At SCP, We Care About Your People.